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NEW MIDSIZE KING?? — 2020 Hyundai Sonata vs. 2020 Honda Accord: Comparison

Main NEW MIDSIZE KING?? — 2020 Hyundai Sonata vs. 2020 Honda Accord: Comparison

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    The NEW 2020 Hyundai Sonata Limited is a FANTASTIC mid-sizer, but is it good enough to go against the KING 2020 Honda Accord 2.0T Touring?? Let’s find …

    Car Confections

    HEY CAR CONFECTIONS (notification) SQUAD! We appreciate you! You're the BEST!


    Features sonata wins. But looks goes to accord I'll take the accord over the sonata

    Robert Laverne

    Gave the video a thumbs up (and subscribed because of the good content!) however………… ride quality of the Honda, it’s steering, it’s dampers, it’s noise level inside the cabin, and just more power and horsepower/torque ratio should have evened out the plain field at the end by 8.5 to 8.5. Those above mentioned characteristics should have been a .5 increase per item, which the Sonata doesn’t have (and being that Sonata buyers have probably asked for it but haven’t gotten it yet, those numbers from Honda should be a clear insight as to how Honda listens to their customers, and how Hyundai listens to theirs) Great video over all tho!! 👍🏽

    Darkside 91

    Accord taillights look like someone shoe-horned a Volvo’s-taillights onto a Honda.
    Sonata’s front fascia looks like an ugly CATFISH.

    Grumpy Bear

    Accord is a timeless design. Sonata is gimmicky.

    Chad bad

    Sonata looks sexy. Inside and outside its amazing

    Memo Padilla

    Here are the Car Confections dudes in a movie they played in years ago… they are the ones opening the window here:

    Memo Padilla

    Wrong Accord model to compare to the Sonata.. It should of been the regular Accord 1.5t with the trash cvt tranny. … The N-Line Sonata is coming to compare to the Accord 2.0t. … Here is the N-Line:

    Ivan Gonzalez

    The sonata limited 1.6T should be compared to accord touring 1.5T not the 2.0T!!! The sonata N-Line is the one to compare to accord 2.0T

    Ivan Gonzalez

    You said both Toyota and Hyundai instead of Honda and Hyundai lmao

    Dima K

    This all they can do with the Hyundai, is create these features that no one will ever use. They put in two large $100 screens, and call it luxury. In 2 years, everything will wear out and start to squeak and rattle. Hopefully it doesn't keep catching fire, like other Hyundai/Kia models.

    Brandan honda

    I'll will choose the Accord, but Hyundai did a great job with this Sonata. Let's see what Honda does with the refresh 2021 model.

    Robert Duklus

    when sonata makes car and driver top 10 list wake me up>

    Pat One

    Great job! I love the Accord

    J High

    The Sonata's 181hp falls far behind the Camry (301hp), Accord (252hp), Mazda 6 (250hp), and the Altima (248hp). The exterior is hit and miss for me but the interior design and next gen technology is a home run. The upcoming Hyundai Sonata N is supposed to offer 290hp so that might be worth checking out.

    Dre Wright

    The Accord looking like an old person car now parking next to the new Sonnata. Honda needs to upgrade the Exterior of the Accord.

    Dre Wright

    The Sonnata made the Accord looking old like the Toyota Avalon.


    Great in depth comparison Drew and Mason. Hyundai is definitely bringing their A game with new Sonata. However, proven reliability, resale value, fit and finish and power under hood are most important to me when considering a vehicle purchase. I am not going to purchase either of these but I have no problem with paying a little more a month for proven quality and reliability. In my opinion, decades of proven performance and reliability make Toyota and Honda still remain King in those categories for non-luxury brand midsize sedans. Time will tell if Hyundai can dethrone them.


    SONATA 👍

    dj grant

    I heard Toyota in 3:20 into the video lol

    Fz09 4ever

    The sonata copied the accord in so many ways

    Fz09 4ever

    I wonder how the sonata will hold itself overtime. Always fresh re-designs come with issues. Reliability and resale Value? The accord is king

    Charles L

    This is not a fair comparison.
    The Sonata should be compared to the standard 1.5T accord instead of the 2.0T accord.
    The price and performance data would be more equal and more of an Apple to Apples comparison.
    To give extra points to a product because it is cheaper? What are you thinking about?
    Guys, level the playing field first, compare an Accord 1.5 Touring with the Sonata, not the 2.0; totally different category of car……
    Price and performance would then be much closer

    Ford Mustang

    Both cars are very nice. I did notice that the sonata had significantly less wind and road noise compared to the accord. I’m considering both of these as my next car, and this is coming from a ford guy. Ford stopped making the Taurus and the fusion is too small

    kris Scott

    You have to add at least 5 points that the Accord is also available with a manual and deduct 5 points from the Sonata because it looks like a catfish in the front! Great vid guys!

    Vishal Akula

    Can anyone please tell me what’s the most quiet and well damped car under 50k. The highways here in Texas are really bad.

    Travis Lin

    Sonata by a longshot. It has that audi vibe

    Glenn Milligan

    This was an extremely well done comparison video! You guys are getting better with age! LOL!!

    Kane Viva La Kane

    I would have certainly bought Sonata if it offered V6.
    I like the looks and features but it's under powered.
    Not a fan of turbocharged engines so even Accord is shit to me.
    Would prefer a Cadenza or ES350


    As much as I like the Accord, it was a HUGE letdown finding out that they no longer offer blind spot cameras on the Accord. WTH Honda?


    It's still a hyundai. Lol

    Le Juventino

    Great comparisson like always 👍 .. thank u guys

    Ricky Logan Jr.

    Full disclosure, when I first saw the all new Sonata, I thought Hyundai was overcompensating and went overboard w/ the redesign. However, after seeing this side by side comparison, I applaud Hyundai for taking a risk w/ its mainstay. The latest Sonata is certainly a looker, the digital key card, and the park assist certainly sets the Sonata apart. The 10.25in. head unit is integrated into the dash perfectly and actually looks like it belongs there. The display looks right at home in the Palisade, but Hyundai pulled it off in the Sonata. Drew and Mason, another exceptional side by side comparison. It would be awesome if you reviewed a 2020 Volvo S90 on your channel to see what's new for Volvo's flagship sedan, S90 might not be popular in Lexington.

    Joshua Thomas

    And the Hyundai how does the mirrors a fold in…

    Yousuf Ali

    Are you joking ?????? Hyundai win over a Honda !!! This is gotta be a joke, I’m not even Honda fan I’m a Toyota fan but I would definitely pick Honda over Hyundai and kia and all that garbage!! By the way I own Hyundai elentra and I’m telling you it is absolutely trash in comparison with Honda or Toyota or any japanies car !! I drove so many Hyundai products as I was looking for a cheap car to use for delivery and I can tell you that even the nicest and most expensive Hyundai still feel cheap as hell !!


    Honda Accord over sonata any day

    Angel Hernandez

    I test drove a Sonata Limited trim today, I loved it! All of it! Except the power. It felt anemic.

    I drive a 2013 2.0T Sonata, not a great deal but it feels more powerful than the 1.6T. I'll hold off until the N-Line.

    PS: Looks way better in person, especially in white.

    The- Deplorable-Infidel

    For now the Sonata. I'll wait for the 2021 Optima though. Same car as the Sonata with (to my eye) much better styling.

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