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New Mustang Gets 1967 Roof & Side Panels Installed – Eleanor Fastback Conversion

Main New Mustang Gets 1967 Roof & Side Panels Installed – Eleanor Fastback Conversion

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    Today we’re installing 1967 roof and side panels onto our 2015 Mustang. Go to to take back your Internet privacy TODAY and find …

    conrad testamark

    B is for Built: hi there! Can you rebuild a LAMBORGHINI Countach like that? With1500hp and 1500 pounds ft of torque.

    michael paten

    What If you cut the bonnet, roof and boot lid and widened them so the sides don't have to be tucked in so much. You can always get custom front and rear glass.

    Ivan Boychuk

    If someone is interesting whether it is possible or not: here is a 3 yo time lapse showing this

    Alex yo

    Loving it but dam that's alot of work


    This thing is going to need massive wide body flares

    Thabang Maine

    damn im so excited…

    Jed Knouse

    Video starts at 3:46.

    Tofu HDTV

    I’d love to see a before and after weight once the build is done.


    If I had a choice between being in this and hitting a motorcycle, or being on the motorcycle that this hits

    Id take my chances on the bike


    I haven't seen a video of yours in over half a year and holy shit you must be drinking a lot your face is red in your get fat.

    KatieandKevin Sears

    It would be so much easier to put the powertrain into a 67…but less entertaining.

    Duke Frio

    Gt500superswap……. this entire build was done three years ago. Check gt500superswap channel to see the time lapse

    Michael Simmons

    Please tell me your putting a roll cage in this bitch! Cause you guys have cutt ALOT of structure out of this vehicle and it shouldn't be on the road otherwise.

    Luis ramon sanchez jr

    Tailored styling wants to collaborate but why don’t you ?

    Richard Culbertson

    Which company did the panels come from

    Vincent Sumner

    My 2014 tundra turning into a classic bronco is jealous of all the hands at work. I’m almost a year into my build.

    David Mendoza

    O is for Oscar who is doing 90% of the work….

    Jason Wishart



    why would you not strip the 15 and swap the bits to a basket case 67? At most youd need a custom frame, or frame mods. Either way much cheaper and quicker… not to mention more attractive and easier.

    Ethan The Fence Man

    And that's all it takes to correct the modern mustangs terrible redesign!

    Magregor Swift


    Car Lover Photography

    Loving this build


    Should've left the new wheel houses on the new panel

    Dominic Clifton

    2 and a half minutes of shilling 🙁


    The best of two worlds. Why "re-invent" such a great car. If you can make a practically tailored suit and keep what very good engineers have done. Great your point of view. Greetings from Mexico!

    David Bern

    I can’t think of a more difficult way to build this car.

    Kid Apathetic

    the audio at the end made me think my headphones were broken

    Daniel Guinn

    This project is exciting to watch!!! Cant wait to see how the cowl is going to blend with the rest of the width! Good luck

    Robert Tillich

    Your explanations being in mono channel audio, it is hard to listen too. Enjoying the build so far!


    This project is why I watch these shows!

    Anastasios Pezos

    Probably should’ve added some cross bracing. A big assumption that the chassis is going to stay straight with the roof cut off


    It'll never pass a crash test now that you've cut away all the major supports. 😉

    wurly one

    Great fun to watch and another interesting/challenging build, but NGL… The amount of strength that has been cut out of that car is properly 😬

    Michael L

    Loving this content Chris, when you're done it would be great to see a collab with you and Hoovie and his GT 350 restomod But regardless thank you and please keep providing awesome content.

    Dan Hewitt

    Gt. 500?

    Charlie Escobar

    A W E S O M E Work and everything Chris! #Respect


    2067 is coming along nicely

    Steven Harper

    Really interesting video !

    sir bash

    Impressed… more so if it stays together

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