Friday, March 24, 2023

New Shed Tour – Country Classic Cars – Part 2

Main New Shed Tour – Country Classic Cars – Part 2

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    This is part 2 of our new shed tour videos at Country Classic Cars in Staunton, IL. Hot rod, muscle car, or classic…they have something for everyone. Thanks for …


    Enjoyed your look cars at the cars of yesteryear, the car that interest me the most in this vid is the Packard, they really were ahead of the game back then. Cheers !

    Steve Holsten

    Thanks again as always, Jeff! Do you know what engine the green T-Bird has in it?


    Gotta love that 83 Olds!


    64 was my all time favorite caddy. But, for the love of god….oil the hood hinges.


    Gotta figure out how to keep the birds out of the shed.. I know that's not an easy thing, but the poo on the cars can't be good.. Great vid and like seeing all the old survivors.

    Gerry Hamm

    Great video. Love that's some links to an awesome 1959 Lincoln..

    Abdullh Iraqi

    You can sent email or namber. For cuontact

    Abdullh Iraqi

    This all car clasic for sale


    I want that 70's Chevy Blazer!

    certified 68 crazy

    Thanks for taking us along Jeff .I liked the Packard and was particularly interested in the 37 Plymouth because my Grandmother owned one . I always enjoy your videos because more often than not they bring back a long ago memory . As always take care my friend . Larry


    it must be annoying cleaning the dust off the cars . If it was me , I would get 2 massive fans in corners of the room with air directing out some bay doors . Then I would get a good electric leaf blower and blow the dust off these cars and out the bay doors . I blow off my TA every few days or before a ride and it works surprisingly well .

    Dale Pritchard

    Really good reviews. The videos you present are so much better than trying to navigate their website. Thanks.


    Good stuff Bud!!☺


    always great videos, thank you!

    alberto gorin

    for me its big boats like 83 delta 88 looking forward to part 3

    mark chirillo


    Harrison Hunter

    Timeless classics beautiful cars.

Viewing 18 posts - 1 through 18 (of 18 total)
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