Monday, March 27, 2023

New Slicks For The Mr2!

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    Lars Richard Jakobsson

    I watched one minute and got all sad. I did fix the exhaust, why not film why. I can't. Watch this no. I love this channel and how I seem it grow and more it grew the less of content came out. U were so hungry for content when I started to watch. Just sad. I'm not a special dude just subscriber that love u guys. But lately I'm waiting a few weeks before watching so I can get that hour of boostedboiz. I don't like to compare but PFI have often daily content. Cletus have daily content. 😴🙈🥺

    Lars Richard Jakobsson

    I want Q&A

    Patrick Dailey

    When u going to which to roller rockers

    Roasted HD

    Good to see you guys again!


    Gotta be honest, I was a little disappointed about the lack of content as of late, especially considering all the virtual cabbage I've been sending your way, but in hindsight I realize that I was over reacting, and overusing commas. The invitation still stands (pretty sure this is the first time I'm bringing this up) for free beers and barbecue (brisket? pork shoulder? Your choice.) and turkey with dressing and candy and Christmas cookies and tacos and tequila (Cadillac margaritas all around if necessary) and fireworks and egg hunts and, if need be, sweetheart candy love letters on a rain covered wet picnic table. I'm your dude. Dogs and small children like me. Please don't take this the wrong way. I just told Eminem that we should be together so I'm not interested in a relationship. Sincerely, Goodballa.

    Gamma Light

    Honda's make so much sense, i miss the days when cars weren't over complicated. Fkn greed man, greed

    Shakethaspot 716

    10:24 are we still talking bout racing ? 😂… OG subs know bout that “ Colorado air “

    Thomas Murphy

    I was starting to wonder ☮️


    So excited to see you guys on the 5th!

    John’s Garage Mr Handy Man

    Good luck at IFO rock in 2020 with a 8 second pass.

    Ghillie Nation

    Need that wheelie bar lol

    lerryn hawke

    And thanks for helping out Todd!!


    I Kinda knew that, that is what was going on, but still damn dawg, you had us worried. haha

    lerryn hawke

    We missed you guys!!!

    David Lyall

    Help me

    Primo A

    B is for build ?


    Kyles favorite thing to say “ever so slightly” 😂😂


    Been a v8 guy my entire life and from.wayching this channel for the last few years I am now a honda owner and loving it . It's just a 2004 civic but I am.hving a blast driving it and have started looking at k swapping it lol

    jordon adkins

    use non vtec cams and rockers?

    831vtc t2

    24hrs have passed wheres the next video kyle!!! haha jk hope you and your squad enjoyed your holiday's


    kyle, my dude.. you guys need some nice epoxy floors for that shop…….. too bad i live in FL, id come lay you guys a sick floor for material cost..

    Miguel Cisneros

    I live in Arizona see you there

    Corey Bell

    check out boosted lifestyle during the hiatus good channel too


    If the white mr2 ain't got a name you should call her snow white, has a nice ring to it bud lol.

    gregory plauche



    sorry guys its been 2 week and then 2 weeks before that amileo was gone so ehhh i took off more time.loser dude


    JamesSpec "make 'em kiss"

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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