Saturday, March 25, 2023

New Team Member Revealed! + E36 Drivetrain & Reinforcements

Main New Team Member Revealed! + E36 Drivetrain & Reinforcements

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    We’ve been going ham on this e36 – hopefully will have it tuned in the next upload. Unrealistic or optimistic? PARTS USED BELOW NEW FUJI V2 & Banners …

    Sleeper Mondeo Build

    wow 2 albertos

    Zac Hipwell

    do the cage Cream!


    You should get the blitz spec’d for the e36


    2:12 Duuude, whats up with the Defender in the back? 😍😍😍

    bro bro

    240SX hot wheels behind radiator ¿?


    Benefits of not running a BOV?

    j c

    just 2 sets of blitz 03 chillin on the cabinets nun major lol

    Jake H.

    White cage all the way. Japanese motor in a European car with the American colors… no one could possibly hate that car😂

    Sawyer Chatham

    Rip vlog style videos

    Arden Nielsen

    so like in the truck… foot to the floor… exhaust is so hot that when letting off… the engine burns rich for a split second… when the un-burnt fuel hits the air at the end of the tail pipe… it is so hot that it burns in the air so violently, that the glass in the air tight cab rattles as if a 50bmg just let one rip… for a fraction in time, all was bright as day. just because its loud, does not mean its any where near fast… 305 chevy troll em all!

    omar garcia

    Awesome video !!!!

    Mario Thegreatone

    Hell yeaahh NEW team member sick! Love to see help, maybe a camera guy next? 😂

    Joe Mendez

    I oddly like Adams own edited videos

    Scott’s car film’s

    Such a good video dude!!

    Timothy Ramdin

    If you're going to run a ZF, do the detents and run a chassis mount shifters with a DSSR. Those transmissions are notoriously easy to moneyshift with OEM style stuff


    Chase from ChaseBays has a really nice e36 1jz VVt-i that he drifts. I seen the videos in Instagram.


    Yo! Adam is making serious bread! He got two full time employees! And Alberto has a family so you know he ain’t taking no low paying nonsense 🤷🏾‍♂️


    It’s not overkill to solder your cars electrical connections, that’s just the proper way to do it lol overkill would be solder+5layers of heatshirink lol


    @2:57 1970’s BMW 2002 over left shoulder 😍

    Harvey Jones


    Ethan L

    Acetylene torch for the shop, get one. Make quick work of removing bearings and bushings


    f yeah ! johan is a ride or die! congrats adam..


    So jealous

    Matthew Kohmann

    I’m a simple man- I see a mkIV supra, I click.


    I love the quality and edit of these latest videos! definitely keeps me wanting to watch the entire video without getting bored half way through


    am i the only one that hates MKIVs without the wing


    love the way this video starts!!!!

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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