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    HRE Wheels always coming in clutch! Today we put on the P104SC wheels! Buy MVMT Everscroll glasses here and use code ‘tj10’ for 10% off everything!

    Logan McMartin

    The second i saw the thumbnail i said “McLaren”

    Paul Rebel

    I have 2.5 % tint all the way around my truck , and 5% on the windshield

    Murat aliyev

    tj i’ve been watching since day one and i remember about 4-5 years ago when miley was red with just over fenders on the front that you said one day you in a couple years you were gonna get a porsche macan i’m still waiting for that day bro i’m been waiting for that car to come for a while now and i’m still hyped for it

    R Ro

    Tj should test drive some electric sport cars. Maybe a switch from petrol is next for 2020 electric swaps maybe or electric drifting.

    Santo Dan

    Do muffler delete

    William G

    Tj don’t get 2 f** about the lockdown , he still grinding everyday 👌

    Zachary S.

    Is it baby blue or white?

    Zachary S.

    Get Ridetech to sponsor you…

    Stefan Munck

    Scott sends it!


    bagged = dumb

    Siaosi Havea

    Please post a business/e-commerce video about Hunt & Co. and/or show us what helped you whether it be videos on YouTube of advice from other people who have succeeded in e-commerce also. I always feel inspired to do the same and earn enough money to be able to afford multiple high-priced cars as yourself. Much love for the success bro.


    Those wheels are the best looking aftermarket wheels for the c8 so far in youtube. It does look a little like a McLaren, but they’re HRE, which is cool! Now lower it 2-3 centimeters… 🖕

    Noah Peak

    Am I the only one who’s just not a fan of the c8..?

    Baraka Gitari

    Big ups for admitting a mistake.

    John Spoerl

    Dude you bought a fucking lambo and never do anything with it

    Sean Reagan

    Those wheels look so similar to Shmee's Senna wheels.


    Those are the exact wheels I want! Damn!!🔥🔥

    Bogdan mamalat

    Are you talking about PlayStation 4 ?


    Looks good 👍 and nice blue blocking glasses promo ! ( although I wear swannies)

    Drone Phantom

    tell supercars of london to buy a c8 corvette 2020 to the uk???!!

    Tony Jackson

    Like every thing but the car color

    Joe Smartballs

    The second I saw the thumbnail I said FIERO.

    Rob Bauer

    You always refer to the people watching as boys, what if a bunch of ladies are watching?


    OK is it just me are these tire models are getting confusing as hell. Also the wheels look good on the C8 it needed that. Make the care look more like a supercar big 👍👍👍

    Anthony korran


    Anthony Smith

    I wonder what the 0-60 is now that the C8 has stickier and wider rubber our back?! 🤔

    Subi Driver

    Those wheels would look awesome on a McLaren 600lt

    Bradd Young

    Suuuuuper clean and classy look bro. Makes it look more like a super car. Good job

    OC PhotoPro

    Skip to 4:00 for content


    Love it!

    Obsessed Garage

    Dang it TJ…that car is so freaking ugly. It's going to be great in a few months when you punt that thing in the trash.

    Raul Lopez

    if you thank tj should do a muscle car rebuild.

    Jay B

    Spec should have been no spoiler and color match mirrors and side vent. Notice a Ferrari doesn’t have a black spoiler, black side vents and black mirrors. Wheels look great.

    armando patane

    Life is sucking thanks for the videos


    Anyone know the name of the song that starts playing at 1:45?

    Timothy Wolleck

    For the love of god please do not widebody and bag the C8.

    Dave Johnson

    The new Toyota Supra looks like crap now that the C8 came out 😏

    Cameron Beshara

    how long until he wide bodies it??😂😂

    B K

    Price for the rims?

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