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Nissan Frontier: Running Rough / Misfire: Part I

Main Nissan Frontier: Running Rough / Misfire: Part I

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    In this video I have a look at a 2001 Nissan Frontier with a 3.3 V-6 that came in wit the engine light on. It appears to be running rough and I do discover a P0302 …

    Mich Pich

    'Suck, squeeze, bang and blow. What in tarnation- this is the channel for South Main, ain't it. We are talking motors aren't we? How'd I get here? Where's the big O'- dang, I miss that guy and no video to watch.


    3:06 BOOM! Fixed

    mike thrapp

    I use identifix over prodemand for firing orders and spark gaps. Identifix makes it a little easier. Type in finring order and scrole to the bottom it will pop right up quickly. Also identifix is integrated with my shop software R.O. writer.

    Steve Jones

    Man scope and Scan tool I need to learn how to use them better to save me so much time what would you charge to teach wiring has not been my specialty,need to learn, cause Right now I have a 2001 Honda odyssey re timing chain water pump replacement.Starts up sounds good goes from 1800 RPM and as it heats up it goes to 3000 thinking that air in the line and It can’t find it’s idle due to the Iac valve . Triple checked the timing it’s spot on. Let me know what you think I would appreciate it thank you


    Thanks for the trick of measuring amps at injector fuse. Would measuring voltage drop at same fuse give any indication?

    Vince Scalise

    great scope diagnosis


    Wiring and electrical on vehicles has always scared me. Good work mr Erik! Keep it up. Your knowledge helps the world!

    Raul Briseño

    Awesome diagnosis, nicely done!

    Shake’r Up Garage

    Great video Eric !! Like your thought process 👍. Good luck at go fish 🐟

    steve c

    Nissans tend to have bad high resistance fuel injectors. They are easy to find in minutes just by checking the resistance of each one.

    Mike Chiodetti

    Come-on Part Duo!


    Had a ‘92 Maxima. Started missing on one cylinder. Had a gut feeling it was an injector. Stripped the motor down to where I could get to all six. Started testing. One. Good. Two good. Three good. Four and five good. I’m like “Number six had better be bad!”

    It was. Pain in the ass to get to the injectors. Loved that car.


    Great Video Eric. Nice edited, well explained. Thanks.

    David Hart

    Crazy 8's next! Great job Mr. O!

    Jonathan Barros

    You sir are awesome, usually start off my mondays at the hondu service department talking to a couple of other techs about the latest SMA videos, guys with years of experience still learning something unique from watching you, I have to be honest as I'm watching your videos I thank God for protecting you and providing you with the patience and clientele for doing this, your videos are always crisp ,crystal clear and thorough

    Rob Smith

    I sure like your TS style Eric, to the point and no wasted time throwing parts at it. Thanks for the video.


    But did you win? Or did you get whooped?

    Rick Baker

    Talk about a survivor! Was that a "barn find"?

    James Wrobel

    i live in buffalo my son works at a ford dealer,still cant get my truck repaired with out trial and error,is there someone like you in this area ,i would rather pay to get the right repair the first time,i do own a 99 tahoe no problems now,I never did any youtube stuff until i started watching your channel,in fact i just joined,We need more guys like you to many guys rip you off,great job keep up your great job,as soon as my daughter shows me how to do this new computer stuff i will do more stuff i am 60 and using my cell phone is ify.Again great channel,nice family

    Peter Montagnon

    Yhe blower motor is probably those frigging resistors!!! LOL

    Kelly Constenius

    Mother of pearl!!!

    biz4two biz4

    Special Guest Appearance by Mrs. O and the kiddo!! lol Wow, that was a fantastic diagnostic!! GREAT video…

    Robinson’s Auto Diagnostics

    Nissan diagrams suck big time. Great video as always

    JK Brown

    You should flag this in the description for the explanation of current and voltage through a solenoid/injector. It was very clear.

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