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OEM Navigation Install in my 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X

Main OEM Navigation Install in my 2008 Saab 9-3 Turbo X

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    Parts I ordered/used in video: …

    Abdur Rahman

    you could also install Android Head Unit

    Kyle Pancis

    looks fresh!



    Patrik Sonestad

    Without the speed signal, it will not navigate for you. Also, if you want the voice control, you need to move some wires for the microphone. If you want the UHP (Bluetooth handsfree) you need some additional wiring to the BCM, since it's totally different wiring.

    Patrik Sonestad

    That is NOT the way you remove the vent. Use a flashlight and look at the bottom part. There are 3 obvious cutouts, start from the right and use a small flathead screwdriver. Push the screwdriver in, lift up while using the pry-tool to bend out in the top right corner. The went will then pop out and you move on to the next clip in the middle. Only 2 tools needed, and no cards 😉

    Weakest of Weeks

    I too installed the factory Saab nav unit in my 9-3 a few months ago. I went into more depth about the process and in other videos show an interesting way to update your maps as well. If you need any further assistance don't hesitate to reach out!


    Hello i have a 2007 9-3 1.9 Tid vector with the right steering wheel and all the buttons for Bluetooth, with same factory radio as yours, but NO Bluetooth working (might mean I don’t have bluetooth module or so) will it work if I perform the same thing as you did? Does the satnav radio provide the Bluetooth functionality? What about the voice recognition? Thanks


    My 2din Android in my 2003
    Looks oem not lol

    Erik N

    Huge improvement in the look of the interior! Also neat to learn that there is a page down feature in the Tech 2. Can't believe I have been scrolling through lists with hundreds of items not knowing that 🤦🏼‍♂️

    Eduardo Ruiz

    I in my 9-5 Aero installed about 5 years ago the AppRadio4 of pioneer with Carplay. I think that the radio you have put does not have updated maps and is very basic. that if better than what you had as a series.


    Glad you kept the oem look!

    Derek Chabros

    Hey, you're using Tech2, that's all fun & games in itself. Good video!


    Do you have bose soundsystem? I have the OEM navigation and with it comes bose amp. I completely agree with you, the OEM navigation looks 10x times better than anything from aftermarket.

    our haus

    This is a very cool upgrade, Is there any screen upgrade for 03-06?

    Kizai FPV

    Having the same problem with my oem nav stereo unit. It’s a 08 with factory amp. If you turn it up using a aux connection it’s half loud. Wanted to change out my nav unit and add my 1800 amp. I don’t want to loose my stock look about it. At night feels line your in a fighter jet when button are light up. Only thing over time the buttons fade and you have to buy labels to replace the faded button.

    Eóin MacLean

    Sweet, man! I need to get one of these on my 9-5 😀

    William Schmidt

    You forgot to link the vent removal video 😅


    Wow. I had just finished fabbing a custom phone mount so I can have Google Maps. I was real happy, thought it was "the shit", then……….. this. Buzzkill.


    what can i do if i want get full sound value?


    did you found the radio are very weak after you install the new until? i mean on AM and FM too

    Mister Sean

    I just bought my first car 😳😳😳! Guess the car? A Saab 900i 1989, non turbo but it is what it is. I'm happy and so is the 118 hp car 😁

    Derpy Neon Turtle

    The oem navigation is old but it’s still good looking I love how it shows the Saab logo when you turn on the car can’t wait 2 years (when I get out of high school) till I get my very own turbo X


    Lol good thing I kept bugging you to do the install in the comments on insta/YouTube XD

    Lavonte A

    The best upgrade you’ve done 👍

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