Tuesday, March 21, 2023

OFFICIALLY ORDERED MY 2020 DURAMAX TO REPLACE MY 2005!!! Here's My Exact Build! *ONLY $65,555!*

Main OFFICIALLY ORDERED MY 2020 DURAMAX TO REPLACE MY 2005!!! Here's My Exact Build! *ONLY $65,555!*

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    OUR 2019 MUSTANG GT500 GIVEAWAY IS LIVE! Every $5 spent at is an entry! Good luck! Check out Jon’s Book!


    Man….the front end looks awful. Worry dude. The hood higher than the cab and those lights man….please cancel the order. Just do it. They couldn’t have made an uglier truck if they tried.

    Matt DeWolfe

    Should have gotten the bow tie instead of Chevrolet written across the grille

    Micheal Scott

    White and black how original….

    Gavin Flan

    Looks like no deletes for you


    Congrats, you bought the ugliest truck on the planet! And I like Chevys!


    I know you're going to mod the hell out of it, but that truck is ugly dude.

    Chris Harris

    "Officially borrowed another truck from Bieber."

    Paden Martin

    The front is way too tall

    Brandon Zeone II

    When can we start entering for this giveaway?

    Brandon Poindexter

    Chevy ruined there trucks. The best chevy is the 2016-2018. Those look good and looks mean but they went too far on the 2019 and definitely the 2020.

    Brandon Poindexter

    I thought the 2019 Chevrolet trucks were UGLY but the 2020 is even worse and way more UGLY.

    Ryan G

    When is the hellcat giveaway?

    Montana Terry

    Damn does anyone else think this ordering brand new cars/trucks is getting ridiculous.?

    Bimmer for life

    Sick but wish u got it in black


    I feel like the 2020 would actually look really great wrapped in silver birch metallic


    Hell yeah a new truck

    D Texas 5T

    Trading in the 05?

    89 Scottsdale

    I'm disappointed Mike where's that FULL SIZE BED

    Tony Franciotti

    Come on Curtis….ST vs ST "in mexico" lol


    I highly doubt you’ll have your truck in 6-8 weeks. My red quartz Denali was completed and sat in flint for 2 months before it was shipped to me. Also with the UAW on strike all the orders are two weeks behind.

    TM Network

    @StreetSpeed717 15:54 The heavy duty front springs are there for if you use a snow plow

    Tyler Torres

    Mike show some support for the UAW workers on strike, the people that make these heavy duty trucks are on strike in Flint, MI.


    I have those tail lights on my 2014, probably one of my favorite things about my car since it's just a base model. Love having a manual transmission though.

    KC ball


    Richard Bostick

    You guys should make something like those tailgate kits for the back part of a car trunk.

    Alec Aagaard

    Mike, I ordered my 2019 f150 July 29th and it's still not here.. good luck on the 6-8 weeks.

    Gerald Thompson

    GM workers are on strike it may be delayed

    GM V8

    'I don't need luxury stuff' .. picks LT "work truck", ok nice … not even a min later 'pearl paint'.

    Juan Benavides

    You should have went with a colored truck that kind of looks like a straight work truck

    Tyler Walter

    That 2020 is so ugly and overpriced they just don’t make em like they used to 😕

    Alvaro G

    First year models are always hella problematic and have he’ll recalls I rather wait


    Mike: I keep trucks for a long time
    OBS cries in background as Steve hurts it


    In 2020 why is cloth seats still an option and why isn’t push button start and keyless entry standard on all new cars? I wouldn’t even buy a new car if they don’t offer keyless entry and push button start these days!

    Shahroz Jabbar

    Get leather it’s more durable

    Carl Fritzler

    Mike your out of sequence in your last video * My Friend Unlawfully Arrested* Sept 25 the Corvette is black in this upload its Sky Blue LOL How funny

    Kiefer Murrey

    Those knifes remind me of the C4 Bette so sad it had to go

    Brian Parker

    How much you selling your old one for?

    Connor Wise

    heated seats w cloth?? sounds like a fire hazard lol


    Z71 sits higher since when?

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