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One more try! Will it run? 1950 Chevy pickup truck pulled from forest | Redline Update LIVE

Main One more try! Will it run? 1950 Chevy pickup truck pulled from forest | Redline Update LIVE

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    Davin couldn’t sleep last night thinking about why he couldn’t get spark in our 1950 Chevrolet 3600 pickup truck we pulled out of the woods earlier in the week.


    Hi all. We are aware of the audio issues with this video. All of the audio is through an iPhone microphone. The mic on Davin’s shirt is hooked up to a different camera. We had a smaller crew and different equipment than we had for the live stream yesterday. Thanks for understanding and bearing with us. We thought you’d prefer to enjoy the live experience of us trying to start the truck for the first time in a few decades! Stay tuned for more updates on the project!

    John Monte

    I didn't have a problem with the audio until the camera man started screaming into the mic and blew out my eardrums

    John Monte

    I KNEW THAT WAS ONE OF THE CARS THAT YOU AND TOM FOUND!! I was wondering how many of them you bought and if we would get to see you working on them! AWESOME!!!

    John Chrysostom

    I love it what a find!!!! great job guys!!!!

    Eric Johnson

    That's not how a condensor works in a DC circuit, the coil is going to charge the secondary side no matter if the capacitor is bad or not, that's just how coils work. The capacitor allows for double the voltage of the secondary windings on the coil which provides a hotter spark and a charge to build up as the points open. Without the capacitor the windings take too long to build up a sufficient voltage to cause a hot enough spark because the points aren't open long enough.

    Craig Lee

    I remember working at an auto parts store years ago and a kid there had an old Datsun truck that was running really bad. He took it to many shops and they came up with things like carb, burnt valve, head trouble, all kinds of things. I asked him if he had changed the condenser? He told me no, that wasn't the problem. I said but it only costs 2 bucks and we have them on the shelve. He told me I didn't know what I was talking about that all the mechanics were telling him it was something major. Finally after weeks I was in the lunch room and he came in and said that were going to put my theory to rest once and for all. So he went and changed it. When he came back he literally bowed to me and was in amazement that his problem was solved for 2 bucks. I was always told to change the condenser every time I changed points on my 66 Mustang. Well I was a kid and didn't always do it, well one day my car starting running bad, and I tried to tinker with the carb, change the fuel filter, new plugs and wires and points. Then I thought, you know maybe I should try the condenser and to my surprise it worked! Couldn't believe it! It's called experience.


    A genuine laugh/joy when it ran. That’s all I needed to “like”!

    Dale Swanson

    Well, I'll be dogfaced…

    Rich Vandervoort

    Are you going to put the nailhead into the Riviera?

    Jim Burig

    I was yelling CONDENSER at the screen.

    Morgan Adair

    I don't know if you read my comment but I was leading you towards that. The condenser holds a load of juice and when the points make contake, then you get the spark. Pretty hard to kill the stove bolt. Pay attention to the shims on the rod bearings as they are a babbit bearing that is poured and then shimmed for clearance.The crank has incerts but the rods dip oil and lubricate the old fashioned way. Thirty pounds cold is great and when it idles, it will drop to nearly nothing but the motor is fine if it is right. You can plastigage each rod separately and get the actual clearance that you have so keep everything each rod has together… including how many shimes on each side of each rod. Those shimes come in different sizes and we when hard up would use feeler gages for shimes to get it right but they are supposed to be brass.

    Jim Clarke

    Davin knows exactly whats wrong with it, and a great entertainer who loves engines as we followers do )) if he cant fix it or any other engine for that matter no body can fix it

    Patrick Madigan

    We would like hear his voice clearly and not the camera guy voice. After all his is the boss in charged!!! So trade microphones with him… DA!!!

    Steve Sanford

    You had that running before the cam was on. Engines dont run that good after sitting that long.

    Norm Sweet

    Great Vidio ! My Dad had a 51, 53, and a 54. Don’t recall which one I learned to drive on nor if it had inserts or Babbitt bearings, Dad taught me how to set the valves too…. thanks guys 👍

    Rob and Laurie Coble

    Would you do a rebuild on my dad‘s rocket 350 in a 69 cutlass S

    Luke Becker

    Is there a hood?

    Luke Becker

    Is it 6 volt or 12 volt?

    Luis Antonio Carrizales Reyes


    Jim Marker

    put a 292 in that it would make that truck sing split manefold sound good


    It looks to me like the distributor was not tightened down good. If this is the case this could also cause it not to start since you may not have a good ground to the points.

    Kyle Bailey

    After watching enough mustie1 videos, I was thinking it was a condenser problem.

    buddy noffsinger

    Can Barely hear the guy

    Edson Almeida

    what beauty, congratulations

    Ian Duncan

    What the hell were you doing pouring fuel into the carb while you are cranking it. To stupid. The moment it back fired…and that was almost guaranteed on an old engine…it was no different than pouring petrol on a fire.

    Paladin 06

    Sound sucks.


    Don't these have babbit rods and a splash oiling system?

    Steve 1961P.

    I watch these "FIRST FIRE UP" videos all the time and can never figure out why people don't fill the carb bowls with fuel through the vents! It is easy to do on most carbs and much safer than dumping fuel down the throat and having it backfire and light up your eyebrows or worse!!! I just don't get it…..

    Hugh McSheffrey

    Hey it runs, are you going to rebuild that engine. Your audio is not clear today..wear a mic, its like your fading…..


    Cant wait to see the rebuild engine up and running.


    i mostly like your vids and subscribe to hagerty but watching you pour raw gas down a carb while cranking is just wrong!!! ok…ok..i still do it myself but kids today think they are invincible. i've seen a few incidents in my 40+ years in the trade

    Charles Dyer

    I like it just the way it is !!!

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