Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Only Got One Trip Before The Dodge Broke Again

Main Only Got One Trip Before The Dodge Broke Again

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    Mjr Burn

    I liked the video for you boys but not because I liked seeing the Truck down again.
    Glad y'all made it and everyone's safe, maybe this dealership can find out WTF is going on with the old girl that ain't that old…


    Maybe Whistlindiesel could offer you a "nice truck" lol.

    jaamin diemer

    Get a duramax man those thing will last for years with beating on it yee.

    Marián Flimel

    K swap that shit

    Kristians Rudzats

    19:17 front lug nut missing

    mylon budel

    U need to get another truck


    These are my favorite types of videos! I like seeing what broke and how to fix it

    Muhammad Marzuqi

    wow boostedboiz on trending!! shieeeetttt

    Mad Max

    What did you expect? Especially from a dodge

    Miller Gutierrez

    Bruhh your trending fucken crazy !


    Time for a Japanese truck

    Mendoza Pestosa

    2500 Baby! That's what I'm talking about. Best truck out there. Not too tall and not too small like the 1500.

    edit– I don't know why I commented that, I guess I am just really in love with the 2500 model, can't wait to get one for my 18th birthday!!

    Mike lehr

    Time to sell that Dodge truck. Get a GMC. The dodge is cursed.

    Aj C

    That's because Fiat bought Chrysler and Fiat stands for "Fix It Again Tony".


    Send her to. Power driven diesel?

    Tom Lee

    Good time to have a scope to peek inside, sound like a bolt dropped down and is rubbing between flexplate and bellhousing, or a maybe bad muffler bearing

    Jesse Crossan

    I'm so amped to see this weekend's racing

    YunG PiNChyy

    Get a duramax 😭


    Should have bought a chevy 🤷

    Raymond Nieves

    Where is the civic awd roman ???

    AC/DC.4.LIFE !

    Dead Old Dog Gone East.

Viewing 22 posts - 1 through 22 (of 22 total)
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