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Our 750cc SCREAMS! Carb Tuning, Cross Kart Pt. 5

Main Our 750cc SCREAMS! Carb Tuning, Cross Kart Pt. 5

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    Our 1982 Honda CB750 is having issues between 4000 RPM and redline- everything below that, including idle is AWESOME. It sounds great. In today’s video …

    Gyser Hawk

    Guys enjoy watching your videos, and all the projects. Great team work, and problem solving. -Rob


    It would be funny if that tiny gas tank was the issue

    Steeltree – homesteading with a twist

    Like I said 90% of the time it’s carbs

    Mitchel Cool

    A few years ago I was tuning an ex motor cross 05 rm125 I believe it had a race pipe and the carb was jetted richer.and then when it was sold they put the stock pipe back on without down jetting. Anyway the thing wouldn’t hit powerband until about 3rd then it took I know you are doing the exact opposite and it ran better at stand still with drilled at jets but it might run lean again in top gear

    joel arseneault

    Good to know that you read / saw all the comments about the CV carb issues.

    It would be interesting to see how it would run with 4 Predator 420 carbs Obviously not as efficient and probably somewhat restrictive (4×13=52) I'm just curious.

    nathan johnson

    lean poppin

    Tony Montana

    try to tank clean the carbies just to make sure there is not crud built up in the passages


    Did you even check the float heights? Having to drill the main jet to that degree is just not right. Watching you guys drilling main jets makes me twitch involuntarily.

    Robert Liggett

    It was just 2 stepping

    Steven Broski

    Yea you can build it but are you going to ever get it out of 1st?

    Robin Fugate


    Maks Dutka

    And fire was coming from the exhaust


    those carbs sound out of sinc.

    russell bennington

    Float level… check the float level… it's probably low on fuel in the bowl

    Joshua Milhouse

    Check the head gaskets. And piston rings. Do a compression test. Your losing compression. Its not a fuel problem. Its a compression problem.

    Garth Paul

    Cars and Bobbers?

    Allen McKinney

    Looking good guys 👍


    This might be better than the ducarti. Nice video guys


    Loud is not fast!

    Jimmy Alfredo

    Man you guys really dislike comment section advice don’t you…? Please listen to the people, and then do your research on the topics they bring up. It’s upsetting seeing you guys just brush over big things. Either way I enjoyed the video, keep up the great content

    Brian Elstro

    Single carb conversion!

    Pat Davis 2403

    I bet the neighbours love the bike as much as you do

    Justen Lewis

    It's gonna kill Ike inside to chop that bike up… There's to much "potential"


    Love the vids keep m coming.. I would be inclined however to balance or synchronise your carbs!! You think it runs well now wait until the carbs have been balanced, have owned a couple of cb750's….

    Arnie Cunningham

    I can't wait for the impending head to head competition between the Ducarti and the yet to be completed Kartasaki

    Lewis Radbourn

    Just looked up the jet sizes 105 main 75 slow

    Ben Hawke

    The "cart beast" 750!!!

    Jake Salazar

    Get the code: Left stick right bumper A,BA,B,C,C,C,D,D; code accepted. NOW ENTERING BEAST MODE!


    Those engines through straight pipes sound amazing.. modern mufflers just make them shriek like banshees and ruin the sound.
    You've gotta remember, that's a smog year motor.. they were leaning the hell out of those things to pass emissions standards.
    Yeah.. you are looking at $700+ for performance carbs for that thing. What happened to that 4 into 1 header you guys had? That thing would probably help it out by exhaust scavenging. You should just put a Cherrybomb glasspack on this one instead of a motorcycle muffler or something.

    6.5 Creedy

    This is just an on going video channel of idiots documenting how ignorance and money and inbreeding never equal intelligence….I hope they get interested in being pilots and working on and flying their own plane…….C R A S H 🔥🔥🔥


    Your fuel petcock might be too small and not able to deliver enough fuel at higher rpm

    Maad Mike

    Hey Guys, You're getting closer with the carbs but I can get you there quicker. I commented on the cv carbs last week and have experience with them. So en leui of a factory airbox all you have to do is wrap tape around each filter pod from outwards towards the engine. Completely block off the filter element surface area right up to 3/4" from the base of each pod. That'll get you right in the ballpark. These 4 cyl cv vacuum operated carb bikes only got around 30mpg on a good day. CV carbs are great for compensating for changes in air density but they stink for mpg and are hard to work on. I only ride two cylinder bikes now. Good Luck & love your vids!

    Brian Woak

    I have an old 750 Honda shadow if your interested in another bike project??

    william Hutton

    If you wait too long to clear that cab it will peal. There is only a 12 hour window before you have to final clear coat.

    Jason Spears

    So many people have the right idea. These older bikes need to have their carbs syncronized

    JOSE Valiente

    Lean lean lean
    Still kids

    Merritt S

    Check the spark plugs to see if it's so lean its eating them up.


    YESSSS!!!!!!!!!!!! C10 UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    orange colour

    Still breaking up a bit

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