Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Our Drift Week 2020 Session Did NOT End Well…

Main Our Drift Week 2020 Session Did NOT End Well…

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    Help out Rudy Hansen here! As soon as we heard that the Drift Week 2020 squad …


    What would be your car of choice for Drift Week 2021?

    ace mechanic

    Thats so unfortunate but to see u guess stick together and help one another show what humanity is all about.

    Sir Dirt Leg

    and thats why you run a fuel cell


    wow all that work into that car. sad

    dart izumi

    yeah that was pretty dumb…


    7:14 "You shall be white, no more!"

    A lone Wolf of the North.

    12:57 that is some scarey stuff dude was just standing there. I had a major burn on my hand/arm from a grease fire it so painful.

    ugly fish

    When out of towners show up in cars they drove cross country we have to show up with our trailered cars and show them whats up 😆

    315 S Camden Ste 400 Beverly Hills

    Bow your heads….. A vette died.

    weston jones

    Shows up for a day and a half…hoonigan it's an all collective "our" drift week

    Easy Pete

    Thank god it was only a c4…


    Randy almost got dealt a final blow. That shit spurted and shot flames 3 seconds after he got away from it.

    Spaghetti Monster

    why didnt he have an extinguisher ibn the car? and why the !@#$ were the track guys not in fire protection suits/helmets and more importantly what the !@#$ were those dummies doing crouched down inches away from a gas tank which could have blown any second? to save the car? lololol die to save the car… think about that. Anyways glad nobody is hurt and !@#$ your vette, you will rebuild. This loss builds character because of the time and energy you had invested in that car.
    < easy for me to bark from the cheap seats, nothin' personal but its true about the character building when you eat adversity and swallow it whole, then shake it off and start swinging for the fences again stronger than before.

    This is the best channel on the internet, look forward visiting every weekend on my down time

    Rob Shropshire

    Sell parts of the burned Corvette as garage art!

    Jose Gabriel

    I need a hooningan car tunned in me life 🙁


    Man im far from a c4 fan, but that straight up broke my heart end of the day if theres dedication and love thats more than enough! R.I.P VETTE….

    paul medero

    C4 fram still good time for a rebulid. Fam.

    paul medero

    I can only drift left. Not right for some resion.

    paul medero

    I think u did good man. Get some.. braa pop braaa pop braaaaa.

    Zero Degrees North

    What's also heartbreaking is this was his dad's car too which was sold on and then he got it back


    🔥🔥🔥🔥 1:40 ❣💞

    Ben Garrido

    I love Hert. Best host on Hoonigan.

    HULKGQ Nissan Patrol

    Never been in one only ever seen them on fire!
    Guess they go up like C4 aswell!
    Happens to the best of us but I bet he's already got another one lined up

    Kevin M

    How did he get the JZX100 in the states we still cant get them for another year 🤔

    Spike Kastleman

    This is exactly why most tracks don't want you guys around. Your cars are very shoddy and poorly maintained. "Drift life, yo." More like "broke ass bitches with broke ass cars." Rel drift life = maintained cars.

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