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Our F90 M5 gets an Evolve Stage 2 ECU Tune

Main Our F90 M5 gets an Evolve Stage 2 ECU Tune

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    After putting a few thousand miles on our F90 M5, and having Supersprint develop a full exhaust, it was time for us to start tuning the car. Since the car has …


    Love this channel and what you guys bring to the table for bmw’s

    Hey Imran, do you think you would every look into creating an aftermarket intake manifold for the e92 m3? Or would the market versus r&d involved not be worth it..or I suppose the gains versus lack of not worth it..just curious to get your input

    Radoslav Stanchev

    5.8 seconds 100-200 … That's Bugatti Veyron times i think? Insane for a stage 2 car.

    Sheharyar Irfan

    So my Stage 2 M550i does stock F90 numbers… not bad


    Should be called Bull Shark after the Great White lol
    This will be bonkers at vmax imo!

    richard trow

    Wow you've made a great car fantastic!! And the handling looked great considering the damp conditions πŸ‘ super car killer


    Can't wait to see the VMax results.

    maluku 180cc

    I really wanna see this m5 f90 against a e63s also with a stage 2 tune


    As always very nice. Any chance you could do a video outlining how you got started in your business and what qualifications you have? I think your viewer's would find it interesting. Cheers πŸ‘


    very special car and it was coming to the point with these new turbo,d generation engines 4wd was the only way to go , that much power through just the rear wheels becomes tiresome after a while especially in the uk where its nearly always wet , also im just as excited to see the rs3 grow as much as the m5 , rs3 is a great edition to the bmw line up

    T C

    Bro you should do one of those dyno days. Was always intriguing to see what different setups and gains were attained πŸ‘Œ


    Really looking forward to seeing your vmax vid. I hear your racing acid in the E63s which is perfect for me cuz I’m torn between which car to get next πŸ‘Œ

    mb san

    Best car video maker imo <3

    Roberto Lombardi

    Amazing power gains from the M5 Imran, really interesting facts from the Dino. The ambient lighting inside looks really cool. I'll be in touch in a few days to discuss the Eventuri intake system for my M2 Competition. Keep up the great content and work.

    H 11

    Hey Imran, i’ve got a f90 first edition and your videos are really helpful! My eventuri intake is on the way!


    The grills should be blacked out too

    James Harper

    I'm excited to see vmax with this model.
    What's the 'smell' from downpipes? Fuel or hot metal/plastic from engine bay or? Haven't heard of this before.

    Plane For All To See

    A quick question, I thought the M5 is supposed to have the M sport stitching seatbelts as standard? Is it an option in the UK? Cheers

    Joe Achilles

    What a beast! Gonna pop up with Ash and say soon guys πŸ˜‰

    Kev Malcolm

    Hi would you recommend a e60 as that's all I have in my budget?


    Evolve I have a question. There is this theory roaming around the internet regarding e9x m3. That if you change the exhaust on it, to an aftermarket one, the backpreassure changes and its one of the reasons why some engines are gone in short time or very problematic. What is Your opinion?

    Shadley Bam

    That is crazy power well done! Before vmax how would you drive the car. And what fuel would you put in days before. For instance my m3 s65 I would put in good fuel and reset adaptions and then pull thr car hard for 2 days before the race. How long should adaptions take to get maximum timing etc.

    Michael Robinson

    Good job and good luck πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Dale Steel

    I'd be interested in buying this m5 is
    If your getting shut end of this year (with all the spec still on though)?


    This is the video I’ve been waiting for! edit** I'm sure this BMW v8 should be good for over 1000hp with hybrid turbos (Pure Turbos) and applicable mods. If it can out down that power through all four wheels it would be good for 2.3s 0-60 I reckon.

    DanieI Joseph

    Can you just spectate at VMAX?

    D B

    Looking forward to seeing the videos from VMax πŸ’ͺ🏽

    Al Sulaiti

    No 100-200 numbers?

    Nicky Gonzalez

    Sounds good. Did you disable active sound? Also when you tune the ECU can you remove the speed limiter?

    steven johnson

    You've absolutely sold me on the Supersprint exhaust! Question; for my 335i Msport, what combination of components would you use? My first time going into the tuning arena?

    Rory Wheeldon

    Wow. I was there when you brought it back from having its RIS done, Now its
    really moving on to something truly special, awesome!

    Brozay 03

    Great video Imran but can you strat telling us the wheel hp and not just the engines output as its the whp that really mattersπŸ‘πŸΎ

    joosung jang

    Flywheel power : 743.2 HP.
    How much do you expect for wheel power?

    Talha Celebi

    love the videos! keep them coming. cant wait to see the vmax videos

    E46 M3

    Another great video Imran. Looking forward to the manifolds and turbos. I wonder what it will turn out to be… supercar killer??? πŸ€”πŸ€”

    David Ratcliff Jr

    Have you guys thought about getting an Alpina B7 and tuning it?

    Amaury Lopez

    The M5 it’s already in supercar territorial.! Can’t wait to see what it can do against them at the drags trip πŸ’ͺ🏼


    Are you doing anything special to get the car to "happy" on the dyno? I used dyno mode, RWD-only mode and even tried it in 4WD but struggled to get the car to NOT freak out.

    mr wy

    How good is the 4wd (xdrive) system compared to like audi or Mercedes?

    Empire Nation


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