Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Our FIRST Street Cruise in the Turbo ROTARY Mystery Machine!!! (Rips Tires in 3rd Gear lol)

Main Our FIRST Street Cruise in the Turbo ROTARY Mystery Machine!!! (Rips Tires in 3rd Gear lol)

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    We’ve got a full blown ripper on our hands folks! How do you think it’ll do in Houston? Here’s what we got from the boys at Warren!

    Cleetus McFarland

    Disappointed let Spaghetti drive it's his van


    Wearing hoodies? Must be below 60 degrees way down there … 😁

    McLain Racing

    Turn on captions. Burnouts and engine noises, are translated to applause and music…

    Nugget Garage

    We need to build one of these! I definitely need one….

    Near sighted from the Far side

    I have a question……
    Would it be possible to fit a 5.7L V8 HEMI into a 2007 Chrysler grand voyager?
    (Town & country)
    This channel is giving me ideas above my station


    Bailey is precous:) awww:) lol she's friendly too 🙂 great shop pooch 🙂 ALMOST as great as Holley BananaPancakes;)

    Jeff Leblanc

    Need a little set of slicks for it will look ok shaggy won’t care

    Jade S

    Leave first gear alone and just start in 2nd.


    EP2, Cleetus fits a tyre to the mystery machine, EP3 – Lost in SPAAAAAACCEEEEE


    WHAT !?


    Put a muffler on that thing.

    Gabriel Jimenez



    COOPER NEEDS TO SEE THIS https://youtu.be/DoHyb762u4Q

    Codename C.A.R.S

    You guys should do some old school WWF trash talk videos for that burnout belt! Macho Man Randy Savage and Hulk Hogan style over the top trash talk!😂

    Powpow Approved

    For the powerstroke name, it should be called "Spool Donor". Because its white so I was thinking sperm donor but since your channel is family friendly. And it's going to have that fat nasty turbski on it. Hence the name, Spool Donor.

    Adam Detre

    Good to see the gray Vic.

    analogaudio rules

    What brand of van is this.

    C B

    Name the F250 OCD Open Container Diesel

    Christine C

    of course its gonna roast 3rd gear, it will probably roast every gear those tires are tiny. put wider tires on it.



    Thomas Cunningham

    Need more Leroy videos like the old days. Wind tunnel or something wild or odd.

    Rigged Tv

    Should name the truck,
    Vanilla gorilla

    ToyShopFab _Johnny Biggs

    That thing sounds crazy. I can't wait to hear what it sounds like once you turn up the rev limit!!

    Norman Guzman

    The cops can hear the noise all the way from the police station.

    jon krauty

    Lite Roast, thinking of toast/breakfast theme.

    Jesse Sturtevant

    He should call the diesel "six blow"

    benjamin TheEngineer

    Should call it the “PowerSmoke”

    Shadow Alma

    Drag elcamo update

    Austin Solarz

    Superdukie !!!

    Bryan Dumond

    JH diesel truck joker stroker

    Daniel Dunham

    That's 15 minutes I'll never get back…plus, too many commercials. And that's from a fan

    Junior 249

    The Mystery Machine sounds pretty good…keep on what your doing guys !!!


    A Good mufler dosent ruin sound its just keep it in level at you dont need to yell

    Junior 249

    The diesel should be called : White Thunder or… Shake n Bake… like talladega nights or The Destoryer


    His truck should be named “Screaming Semin”

    Trucks /Atvs And Bucks

    Screaming diesel


    Kind of annoying. Blow you eardrums out at idle, and you can’t even go fast either…. so it’s just a slow loud van

    scott doleac

    Call the truck “ burny sanders”

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