Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Our New Tow Rig Blew Up…

Main Our New Tow Rig Blew Up…

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    Gorgeous truck but damn

    D_BEAUX 78

    Cummins 6BT with a P pump will never fail you if you throw an Allison trans behind it, then it will be bullet proof along with a few deletes….!😇👌👍✌

    Stephen Franks

    jamies 2nd gen would be mint

    Wind of change

    Stuff like this is why I love the car community.

    Maxwell Green

    What you get for having a ram truck. Tsk tsk tsk. No one will ever learn to not buy a ram truck.

    Gregory Stigen

    Glad yall are all good dont let these guys bag on your cummins if you do decide to get another truck shoot for a second gen cummins or a first gen cummins my first gen is about to cross 769,023 miles and have never had to rebuild it! All iv done to it is head studs, intake and wicked wheel in the stock turbo. Cummins is the only way to go for towing if you ask me!

    mike gyselinck

    WOW! Did anyone else notice the rare split rear window corvette?

    Tony Zhuravlev

    not gonna lie tho those new ford 6.7 power jokes are pretty damn reliable. only issue iv had is the def pump.

    Deez Nutz

    When you got the code for the transmission you should have had it looked at. This really isn't the trucks fault because it tried to tell you it wasn't feeling well and you made it go to school anyway only to have it throw up in class and embarrass itself.


    Whatthefuck did they do to a Split-window?! Those are the most sought after Stingrays and they just said fuckit, make it a dragster….best be a kit car

    Ricardo Chavez

    No one:
    Literally no one:
    Cummins: Ight I’m bout to blow up


    Ford saves the Dodge Chevy saves the Ford!

    Trent B

    "I want a nice truck that can haul stuff" – Buys a notoriously unreliable dodge…. get a Duramax… the combo with the Allison is untouchable.

    jonathon lesko

    It’s not the cummins fault. It’s most likely something to do with the aftermarket delete stuff etc. Poor tuning a diesel can be catastrophic


    Should've bought a ford.

    Mike White

    Nice b&w aluminum drop hitch on that Ford

    Mike White

    All the new diesels suck man

    Mike White

    Find an old 12 valve or 7.3…

    Daniel Australia

    JDM James and Cody big effort guys

    Joel Gratton

    never seen a stock Cummins blow up

    Steve Yzerman Fan

    The only thing good on a Cummins Dodge is the Cummins. Everything else is junk.

    Benny T

    I saw that little bag of Dott's Pretzels in the table, that's good people right there…

    jacob slemp

    A good old reliable ford

    Lane Lakey

    I work at a mopar dealership in Arlington, Texas. If you need any Cummins parts I can definitely help you out. Send me a message @lanelakey on insta or Twitter

    Gonçalo Antunes

    I thought this was a Taylor Ray vid for a minute there


    that truck does the sex

    Memes for days xd

    Hi, im looking to buy a Civic eg9. Anythoughts?

    Distracted Earth

    Kyle your positiveness through all this is great to see I hope you make it without further delays

    Dan Dallman

    That powerstroke sure does look good with a white trailer behind it. You should know better Kyle, driving on the highway without lockup will overheat your trans unless you have a monster cooler. High speed fluid shear = friction = heat = transmission damage!!

    Hunt Gaming/Productions

    waiting for the tow mirror jokes to come in.. u need a classic 1st gen dodge them 12vs are strong


    You can achieve anything with good mates and fans

    Jonathon Smith

    Ford FTW

    _Sinister Transport_

    on the cummins its a hpop line. there's 2 called a high pressure oil pump. Hit me up ive got a friend who haul's out of texas and i'm any where needed. FB@ Sinister.hauling


    Hey Kyle you NEED to reach out to Todd over at Power Driven Diesel. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpcor2FrquP_vAY6ltwTPOA



    Sho Dee

    Brents the funniest..points to both shoes truck n trailer🤣🤣

    Jacob Sims

    You'd rather be Cumming than Strokin

    Vinnie Paniccia

    I got unsubbed? I had to re subscribe

    itsur boy

    Bro switch over to that ford. Trade plus cash. That truck is built to move shit. Make the move. Ford built tough.

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