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Our Top Video Highlights Of 2019!

Main Our Top Video Highlights Of 2019!

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    Thank you to Nextbase for sponsoring this video! Check out the 522GW and other Nextbase great dash cams in the link below: …


    Just shows that things don't have to be scripted to be good, if only the Grand Tour could achieve this, but lets not get too bogged down……


    Thanks guys Alexa is now playing Phill Colins…

    Dario Benković

    Make a montage of yall's bloopers

    Habib K

    You know jack was getting pushed by a Lorry on the 17 December 2019 and the Lorry driver didn't notice and I promise Alex and Ethan please read this


    It’s great to see how much more comfortable being on camera Ethan has become as the year has progressed


    Honestly you three, along with Gareth, need your own TV show ❤️

    Vygantas Marciulaitis

    This is how much horsepower the prius needs to have for people to like it



    Man you guys are awesome! Mad respect for Jack filming everything and thank you all for being who you are. Your love for cars and the car community is truly appreciated.

    Keep doing what you guys are doing and God bless you all. Wishing you and all your loved ones a very Merry Christmas full of good health, happiness and success. Can’t wait to bring in the new year with Car Throttle and the whole crew!

    Jacob Mynard

    Bring Back the Prelude :'(

    Denholm Nelder

    I know it's car throttle but now Alex has his bike license will there be any bike videos?


    RIP the Prelude never to be seen again.

    Sir Edward Prize

    For Alex a Peel P50 would be roomy.


    Keep up the good work. Glad I found this channel, it's been fun.

    We Shall Feast

    Surely Jack being run over has to be the highlight? Don't hide Sailors.

    Twitch Fadezz

    My Alexa played Phil Collins at 1:00 am on full volume!!!

    Fancy BobbyBob

    Love you guys.. keep it up and I’ll keep watching!


    Come on guys where's the vid about Jack's crash 👍👍

    Alan Bentley

    Hope Jack had the Nextbase on?? Like to see that footage!.
    Are you going to be doing a re-build of the GTI!?.

    Henry Chung

    RIP to the golf gti

    Alex Taaffe

    You guys had my Alexa playing Phill Collins 😂


    you can at least be honnest about the prelude

    Anas Chunara Man U Fc

    Jack was on the news Royal Mail driver

    Nathan Hacking

    Do a episode of finding jack a new car

    Alfie James-elliott

    i wish the royal mail lorry crash was in it

    Paul Gretton

    Haha! Wondered what the sound coming from my kitchen was! Only Phil Collins playing as requested!!

    Richie Williams

    Thank you for all the hard work and entertainment that you have given us all 🙂
    Awesomeness is what you bring 🙂
    catch you in 2020

    Liam Hill

    The first time Alex told Alexa to play Phill Colin's mine started to play Bob Marley 😂

    I_Love_Top_Gear 334

    I just realised. I think the guy that was pushed by the Lorry on the London A40 was JACK!


    Coming to the channel in 2020 – Alex sorts out his dump of a front yard? Spot of weeding maybe?

    South London

    I love you fellas please please please next year can I pick you up and take you 3 to look and buy and pick up your next Challenge car I live in Caterham so I’m not 1,000,000 miles away from you

    Denis Cudahy

    Well done 👍👍👍👍roll on 2020 more of the same please

    Sam Bower

    Guys, reference the prelude. I would have liked it more if it was the 2.2 VTI version as it is 6.8 to 60 etc. Much more interesting car.


    I can't believe Jack had a crash at the a40 where he was helped by Ellie Goulding. That's insane. I want to know what Jack thought of the incident.

    O H

    "There just wasn't enough interest in the Prelude"

    Hold up! You literally just said most of the comments you get are asking about the Prelude

    Aaron Hall

    Holy shit ethan is hoooning!!!!

    Mark Beattie

    8:06 Happy memories
    E9 Bus – I'm about to end me some careers

    Tristan Bird

    More Hyper miming video for 2020 keep up the awesome work love the video

    Azim suleman

    Jack's golf


    Just me or did anyone else's echo start playing Phil Collins after asking Alexa to do so! 😂

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