Saturday, March 25, 2023

Over 2000Hp In Dyno Pulls In One Day!

Main Over 2000Hp In Dyno Pulls In One Day!

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    Tallin Bmx

    Why doesn't Phong boost?

    Moody Goats

    You know it Louis when audio starts cutting out


    You know what they say.. measure once, cut twice..

    Matthew Borell

    Not sure about that shift knob fr…..

    Easy Rodriguez

    Bro race tj hunts Mustang 😓

    Jimmy Arriaza

    Tell him I said bring back the crx

    Iam 5HADOW

    Whats haydens channel?

    FartsandCarts 123

    11:21 OMG fireball freak

    Dakota sullivan

    Bought a shirt. I pray for his family.

    Legna Rodriguez

    9:56 who was that beauty


    Lmao phong impression. It good, it good hahaha


    Wyatts car is sounding pretty damn nice, not sure why he is letting welder dude tune it though.

    Luis Ayala

    340 is insane


    12oz Cheladas, Shut UP!!! Oregon sucks.

    77 Datsun

    How are the first like top 5 comments no about the dildo they are using as the shifter😂😂

    the breadedcrab

    Grinch shifter is loose

    Lil Tony jr

    Phong dnt believe in tape measure i ball that mug lol😂😂


    Who misses the old BoostedBoiz intro? Watched an oldie earlier today and I miss that intro song so much. Do do do do do de dew do do de dew do do do… Makes me remember why I love you guys. Less building and more breaking, or something. It's all about realizing the destination is just part of the journey. Or something. Anyway. Sentimental about the old school intro.


    Gear shift lever makes me wonder about you guys…….

    Joe Cangialose

    I know it's a crappy situation, but it's good to see Brent happy and smiling driving that blue Civic.

Viewing 21 posts - 1 through 21 (of 21 total)
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