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P3 Boost Gauge Install and How Factory Gauge Shows 40PSI of BOOST!

Main P3 Boost Gauge Install and How Factory Gauge Shows 40PSI of BOOST!

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    In this video we install a boost gauge in the MK7 Golf R. This is the P3 boost gauge, and also has tons of other gauge readouts you can see. In addition to that, …


    Wow, people can compute almost everything except fuel burned and wasted by the stupid Catalytic Converter.

    Kris P

    You should setup the shift light on the P3 gauge πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

    Brad K

    @HumbleMechanic thanks so much for this info! I have a small BT OBDII reader with real time info to my Android (using Torque Pro App) and I was always wondering about the boost and also the atmosphere setting.. This makes total sense to me now! Nice and thank you because this was driving me nuts lol.. Keep up the great work and as always looking forward to more of your videos.

    Michael Evia

    Great diy video. May have to refer to this on the future when in ready for an upgrade. Thnx

    Takeo Mack

    Another fantastic video Charles! πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    Roy BM

    I think you will like autopolar FIS too.


    why your G sensor has no data?

    Dylan Lewis

    4.0 seconds to 60 is ridiculously fast. My car would still be below 40 mph in that amount of time. Crazy performance considering how live-able they are for everyday driving.


    It’s strange how they bothered to convert from bars to psi to display on the screen but not psia to psig


    You could have checked it before you removed the vent.

    nathan james

    I'm gonna be doing the gm asep program soon, it's like an apprenticeship in college, so I'm gonna be going be bringing my tools between college and the shop, what's the best way to transport them?

    Kevin Steeno

    Hands up if you were taught to drive at 10 and 2 not 9 and 3.


    ah yes the good ol PSI-A vs PSI-G confusion. The level of detailed videos you keep turning out so frequently is baffling to me. I wish I could send you mods just to see you install them lmfao

    Phantom Hemi

    You would think VW would fix that in the software or something. Pretty stupid. And sorry but I don't see that car doing 0-60 in 4 seconds. Complete BS.

    Tom Peterson

    4.1 seconds to 60 MPH! Add a stage two tune and you can challenge an R8! Or a Corvette. Or an M5


    Absolute pressure is better when tuning the vehicle that adjusts load and fueling based on the altitude. You dont need two separate maps and sensors to determine the actual engine load that is being produced compared to the reference map for requested load. Just simplifies a variable.

    CowBoys Buds

    Why not get the COBB AP and have access to all that info and more? Not to mention get it tuned by Stratified which in the best in the business

    Wafi 31

    After 20 years, VWs headlight switch is still same huh? That’s dOpE

    Wafi 31

    You can scare your friends with 40psi of boost though(^_-)


    That 7 segment display looks pretty antiquated next to that full digital dash display.

    Mike DeLisle

    AAAAAAHHHH, @HumbleMechanic that volume knob not pointing up triggered me


    is there an option for current speed display? I have it displayed in the center dash but it would be cool to be able to put something else there.

    Ein Felder

    Looks like you forgot to remove the plastic film over the front of the gauge. Pretty cool implementation into the vent, though.


    I.E. (Long story short), the factory gauge is an "honest" deception. It is used to awe those with an IQ in the "naive" range. Despicable but no doubt, effective. Shameless commerce as the Car Guys would have proclaimed.

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