Saturday, March 25, 2023

Pagani Zonda R & Revolución EARGASMIC V12 Sounds at Monza Circuit! *MUST HEAR*

Main Pagani Zonda R & Revolución EARGASMIC V12 Sounds at Monza Circuit! *MUST HEAR*

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    Join my Notification Squad: click the Bell ○ In today’s video you’ll see not one, but TWO Pagani Zonda R being unleashed at Monza circuit during the Pagani …

    BurningSpear Gaming

    Best V12 in the world. No questions asked.


    Great video!

    Maxime Dufey

    Same sound like the mythic and my favorite car the Murcielago 😍

    Jacopo Ielasi


    Saif Khalifa

    Please tell me that you have an onboard clips

    Ali M 750

    God bless N/A V12


    This car is the reason why the V12 should not die ! I had serious eargasm !
    Thank you so much Nick for sharing 😀 Made my day !


    Anyone else saw the Cinque Zonda👀👀

    Limitless Trading

    I would literally stab my mother in her left eye with a rusty screwdriver just for one sniff of the seat! 😆😂👍

    Supercars of SoCal

    That sound is beautiful 😍


    Fantastic as usually ! video perfect ! , Pagani another world …. 😉


    Sounds better than current formula 1



    Sergio Di Stefano

    Senza dubbio la migliore auto mai costruita

    Jared Richardson

    Amazing sound ❤️❤️❤️

    Sandro Sobreira

    Pagani have best V12 sound in the world

    Michael 66

    1:04 SPEEEEEED!!! Oh shit ,I need to stop….🤣

    World Mine_08

    I was there yesterday and i recorded the 👌same Pagani 😁😁😁😁 i hope you watch my video too 👍🏻


    Bad cars loud af that's nut dream car

    Rdizz Automotive

    Such a fantastic sounding car. This and a CGT would be my top 2 naturally aspirated of all time favourites

    Firman Dwi

    awesome 🔥💨💨

    Bernard_ Mark

    Would love to hear one in person😍

    Won Joon Choi

    Very loud….and so good sound 😁

    AHR Red

    Will They Make Huayra R Too?

    Gareth Mckeown

    Wonder what speed it was hitting down the straight ? 👀


    Mother of fuck

    Ebisu SpeedStars

    Me: Zonda
    Friend: Honda?
    Me: V12 AMG
    Friend: VTEC
    Me: facepalm


    oh mah gawd

    Tony Sporting

    Lo ascolterei per ore e ore …


    That's sounds godly


    ZondaR… Per me… la macchina con il suono più bello in assoluto…

    Fire Beatz


    Ferrari 458

    Wow . I never thought of seeing The Zonda on Monza Circuit before ! ☺️

    Zaimeche Houssam

    Bonjour à tous

    حمودي الديواني

    تبادل سريع شترك بقناتي واني شتركه اول لاياك 😍


    Zonda. A name that never gets old……

    Nell Spams L2

    My lower area just got raised a bit.


    One of my favorite cars!!!! Nice vid!

    CreeperXSR Aviation

    This will be awesome!! Watching it right now

    I was also first

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