Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Painting our Buick Nailhead | Redline Update #15

Main Painting our Buick Nailhead | Redline Update #15

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    Our Buick Nailhead engine is off to the paint shop. Buick painted almost everything on the engine a very distinct turquoise color. Before the paint goes on, …

    Bruce Bello

    So music appropriate!

    Константин Яковлев


    Karl Freese

    Digging the jazzy interludes.

    Sam I Am

    There was literally no painting in this video whatsoever

    Anthony McKean

    you should use jet dry it dont leave a film like dawn does i learned this as a gold prospector on my gold pans and paint will last longer on the engines i know other shops doing this now

    Tikki Custom

    Get the Schmutz out of it ?? 😂Do you speak more German words ?
    Greets from Germany


    Dukie BC

    Why not paint it the same way Buick did? Assemble it first, and then paint it all at once?

    russ sherwood

    what not gonna show the finnished paint job? thank you for the video

    Lawrence Ross

    For someone in production, this was more than cleaning and painting an engine…


    Anyone have an opposition to dry ice blasting a block instead of washing it with soapy water?
    I know it wouldn't be as sultry but, I feel like it would do a better job…

    David Jenkins

    It drives me nuts when people refer to an engine as a motor, especially a mechanic.

    Artur Pessoa

    Só eu de Brasileiro que assiste a esses vídeos?????


    Boy that was a disappointment.

    Roger Goodman

    Ooohhhh…thats it…!Caress that engine! His wife's gonna be jealous when she watch's this video!

    Андрей Мищенко

    незнаю что он говорит, но видео классные

    Bruce Boschek

    Kein Schmutz, bitte!

    Dave Butler

    For a minute I thought I was watching the car wash scene from cool hand Luke

    Jim Clarke

    Looks great painted this way, the factory paint job looks like the hole engine was dipped

    Rick Allen

    Why can't people just be honest and tell us what is actually on the video? THERE IS NO PAINTING ON THIS VIDEO. Why would someone do this? It makes me not want to watch any of the other videos. Which I won't.

    EA. jam

    Man 4 m of HAGERTY a day is not enouph at all .

    J W

    My '66 425 Nailhead pushed its Riviera vigorously around the valley. When I foolishly lent the Riviera to a creep, the path to creating a monster of a '56 Chevy opened up. I still kick myself for losing all those great things from my past. To any young guys reading this: KEEP YOUR STUFF! IF YOU HAVE A WOMAN WHO WANTS YOU TO GET RID OF YOUR TREASURED BELONGINGS, SHE SHOULD GO. Those things are connected to your life, past, present, future. Remember the saying: He who dies with the most toys, WINS!

    Chris Wenkle

    Aaarrrggghh!! The wait is killing me…!

    Paulo Medeiros

    🇧🇷 Grato!
    Good music!

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