Monday, March 27, 2023

Parts are in!! And We Bring the Huracan Back to Life!!

Main Parts are in!! And We Bring the Huracan Back to Life!!

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    In today’s episode we’re unboxing a ton of our new parts for the Huracan, and hacking into the electrical system with the hopes of bringing it back to life, as well …

    Chom Cones

    please paint your turbos matte black, or heat resistant paint even? would look nice next to that throttle body poking out the hatch with the carbon?

    Modfyd GARAGE

    Honestly, it's not worth the headache to keep the stock ecu and dash display. It's going to be a nightmare to blend the stock ecu setup with the Haltech. Otherwise youll have to hack the nuetral saftey switch and deal with issues relating to anti-theft ignition issues.
    Id suggest retrofitting Haltech's digital dash display to the stock location. You'll have to wire the starter direct to a relay and then to the huracan switch. If you do want a key, you can use a universal FM transmitter key for protection that can be wired between.

    The factory BCM will function like normal through the mmi.

    And the piece at the steering wheel you're referring to is the clockspring. It transmits signals from each button to talk to the bcm for commands by use of (-) negative resistance.

    Joseph Heaney Breen

    in next video smash a lamborghini ( not sure why ) but do it

    Kyle Chase

    What ever happened to the guy who used to weld for him? The one that owned the BRZ before him.


    I wish you the very best on this build but all that wiring scares the hell out of me. You dont need fire #2

    Patrick Bates

    Turbos sticking out of the rear hatch?  Not another clown car, please!


    The "B" in "B is for Build" new logo! @ 6:26

    Patrick Bates

    Make a coffee table out of that box!  If you were a single fella, I'd say make it your bed's head board.

    Matthew Branco

    I wasn’t leaving the toilet for 30 minutes anyways….rad


    Unsmudging lmfaoo


    Why are ppl disliking this vid??


    just a thought maybe you should sleeve the new crossmember so the motor mount bolts don't crush it.

    Maarten van den berge

    oxedation on the conectors is a commen thing to happen

    Jake Palmer

    LOVE that you mentioned Cleetus! Love B4B and CM channels

    ahmed neamah

    American huracan? Well more like “muracan”


    burn in hell please

    Cougar House Garage

    I wonder how many monsters Kyle drank during this episode


    OSCAR FTW! O is for OS-CAR! He needs his own channel and projects.

    Matthew Skaggs

    QA1??? I would of went with other manufactures like BC, Ridetech, or JRI…..I had QA1s and did not like them. I will say that their new MOD series does look promising though

    Kia Alvin

    The rear is toast? 😂 So pun! Very wow!

    Paul Jordan

    Great BI4Build video! Very cool project… Engine mount fab and welding sequence was very cool! Keep the new content coming. Thanks!

    Devon Meadows

    Make some crazy hot wheels style exhaust out the back

    Creative Z33

    LS swap everything

Viewing 24 posts - 1 through 24 (of 24 total)
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