Monday, March 27, 2023

Passenger-Controlled Gas Pedal = Destroyed Race Course

Main Passenger-Controlled Gas Pedal = Destroyed Race Course

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    Who thinks it’s a good idea to give Bad Daddy Braddy full control of the go-pedal?? Apparently we do. Hert and Danger Dan put themselves in the danger zone …


    Who thinks we should keep the passenger pedal in there permanently?

    Cold Burger

    Look at brad's face! Lol he's definitely holding a grudge.

    Black Sheep

    If you guys want to make this practical you could have the gadget cut out your own acceleration input and link it with one of your opponents acceleration inputs.


    You guys won't build 2 passenger controlled shit cars and tandem………

    Mario LMR

    2:05 beat is hard afff

    jesus figueroa


    Kevin Roberts

    I need Hert’s hoodie. Put it up on the Hoonigan Shop!!!!

    kylen-jay reynolds bitcon

    Build a 2jz

    Ash Ketchum

    Hert as steering and Brad as gas, what could go wrong?

    Cam Shaft

    Try to do the course together with the steering man not use the gas clutch or break


    Is the hoodie hert is wearing for sale?? Love zipups and that galaxy pattern.

    eddie g

    Yoo is that the guy from spaceballs

    Jacob Lomack

    Best episode ever 😂

    Michael Flores

    I think that g35 needs to be a drift car asap

    caleb lavoie

    Where can i get a sweatshirt like HERT'S?????


    Is the lab dude getting more and more shit in his pocket lol

    Joe Foster

    yooo who's rx8 in the background

    Jeffery Bauduin

    Do this again, but with Ken Block.

    TheOnly Lefty

    Best spoiler ever

    DRJ Wizzle

    theres still plenty of room in the lab coat pocket for more !!!


    Thats a skyline right?

    Ty Ward

    I’m dead….His lab coat pocket at 1:10

    Ceasar Swain

    What you need to do is have the passenger use gas brake and shifter and only the driver have the steering wheel… build two cars like that and go head-to-head

    Kevin Wierenga

    Congrats Hert

    Martin Schou

    Make a contraption that allows you to quickly switch the way the steering wheel works (regular and opposite steering), and have it switch direction at random.

    Andrew Moran

    You should do the same but 1 steering wheel controls 1 wheel.





    Samuel Arango

    Bro dan spancked hert today

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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