Monday, March 20, 2023

Picking up Strangers in my Skyline!

Main Picking up Strangers in my Skyline!

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    We pick up a random stranger and hopefully made her day. Thank you guys for always watching our videos, LOVE YOU ALL SO MUCH! It’s all love out here!

    King V.I.P. Sauvage Legend

    Randy is a savage that he gave homeless lady money because it was her birthday.. I can’t do what randy did If it was me i would give money to my families instead..

    Jose Sandoval

    Why did this make me wanna cry when they sang happy birthday


    Great video , y’all funny

    Uniquetrz ._.

    Randy your motivation to me Its awesome how you helped out a homeless lady on her birthday that make me want to help out more and to save up for my dream car The R32 gtst

    Ocho Oyta

    man todo bien todo chido pero creo que hablando de respeto hiso falta un poco

    Luis YT

    Randy: “Life Has Been Good For me”
    (So That was a fucking lie)
    tyler the creator meme

    Ozzy Weezie

    Bless you 🙏

    love is my religion

    By the looks of your wheel camber, you should really stop picking up overweight people.

    Mickey Lsx

    My nigga armando with the rc🤣🤣💪🏽


    Literally am the biggest fan of a frs/brz and he giving it away I was trynna see some content with it 🥺


    did you guys pick up a hooker from the 90's?


    It really is special to help out people in need, glad you did it you


    Yo Randy! I was watching this vlog with my girl and when I turned to look at her, she was tearing up. She said this gave her happy fulfilling tears. Keep doing good brotha!

    Jesus Olivas

    She wanted marks hotdog.

    Manny US

    So cool bro, hella props.. you can tell when things are genuine

    Joker God

    Your car is beautiful man🙌!!

    PSilence 01

    Was she stinky though?


    Love this! ❤️

    Alex Smith

    Yo randy I would love to come out and kick it for a day I would even drive there I got a gmc 1500 v6 slammed with 3 inch straight pipe from the headers back I would drive there and the big plus is it’s a 5 speed

    Steven Tyler

    Plot twist…Thomas bought 20 shirts so he can replace the IS300 and use the 5k for a new suspension set up 💀


    nice guys…we all knows that the news only show the bad thing in life but never show the good deeds in humanity. regardless what that lady do with her money. you make her bd that she never forget. we may live in a christain country but we dont live by it.

    issx trxp

    You need to restock on illiminate black stickers I NEED one on my bike

    Chenhsing Kong

    You Hmong

    Izzy Romero

    Nobody going to talk shit about this. Some of us might be assholes some times but we all secretly wish we could do things like this for people that need it. Keep it up guys with a heart like that you can't fail.👍👍👍

    les whetton

    Good on you Randy, most would ignore her. You probably made her year.

    Junior G

    Hey illiminate you guys need a camera guy??? I’ll shoot your vlogs and b-roll and even edit for y’all.

    Joel Aparicio

    What’s the intro

    kavithan perumal

    Respect have a good heart🤘


    I lowkey love the car but I love the music he choose at the start I wanna know what is it. Can someone tell me?

    Charmaine Risati

    your such a sweet dude randy so kind you made my day

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