Thursday, March 23, 2023

Please DO NOT drink and drive…

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    Yet another drunk driver strikes again. This happens so often and we just want to spread awareness about drinking and driving. Please drink safely and Uber …

    Hector Cruz

    I think it’s time for Kevin to get a NSX

    Lucas Deverse

    Fuck that sucks they ran thru ur car while u where getting helped 😂

    Awesome Face

    I’m glad that Kevin is ok. Drive safe!

    Liam Mo

    Hope Kevin is alright


    and this is how we get his nsx


    Could’ve been worse bruh, my mom hit a tree and got five broken ribs with her nose torn open, could have been way worse… way way worse

    Butt Hole

    Just sleep in your car if you don’t wanna play for a Taxi, you’ll live to see another day.


    thank god he's okay and also thank god it wasn't his s2k he worked hard on

    smiley ___

    Hey I recorded him wen he fell can we see yea look at this dumb ass dats me lol 😂 2:59

    richard arellano

    Glad he ok, but maybe it's a sign time for that nsx👌, I been seeing some on offer up under 40k

    Martin 504

    Did i hear new truck?

    Michael Fulmer

    Damn that sucks. Glad he's good.

    Nick Geiger

    Glad y'all okay <3

    Matthew 6420

    Likely it wasn’t the s2k


    weow thats good that he is ok

    Offset Studios

    thank god it wasn’t the s2k


    Feel better Kevin you’re lucky to be not hurt and glad you’re okay and not your s2k either


    I died when that girl said, “Look at his dumbass” and it was you two! Lmao!!! 💀💀💀 😂😂😂🤦‍♂️

    tones -2

    """" neaaarrrrly diiiieeed""""

    Bot Cash

    it could've been worse, everything happens for a reason

    Carlangas Holguin

    No tomen putos

    Jose Sandoval

    I’ve been telling y’all since day one y’all drink on all your vlogs and shows we seen it and one more thing there’s nothing funny about this be careful drinking and driving is no joke !

Viewing 23 posts - 1 through 23 (of 23 total)
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