Saturday, March 25, 2023

Police Pull me over and IMPOUND my Lamborghini Aventador…

Main Police Pull me over and IMPOUND my Lamborghini Aventador…

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    sometimes it be like that You can subscribe to my channel for new videos, builds of my Ferrari 458, BRZ, Supra, RX-7, 2JZ 350z, vlogs and everything else that I …

    Matthew Jefferson

    The fact that you being all happy makes the cop even more mad


    Sad they take it, the good news you have more money on views🤭🤔🔥

    Mario Remondino

    Police is a business… if your not making sales/writing tickets. It’s pretty hard to keep the doors open

    Mario Remondino

    Next time this happens. Just laugh, and tell the officer you have other exotics to drive while he impounds this one. No biggie I’m rich… that should put him in his place

    Mario Remondino

    And cops wonder why the general public hates them.

    Rat Rod Studios – DRR Customs Ltd

    No plates and no registration? Lol. He obviously thinks it’s stolen and not yours. That’s why they took it. Haha

    Andrew Wegener

    Cop just gave you something to make content out of lol

    tito mac

    Moral of the story: Dont move to California.

    Alfredo Castro

    i mean … they got the right to do it but damn bad luck tj :/

    Kimberley Morgan

    Anyone else getting disappointed in lack of content, owns multiple cars but content has died off

    John Franco

    Cop bucket list ☑️
    Old school ☑️


    This is another reason that police are trash people. They are nothing more than paid bullies. Nothing will change. They can get away with what they want because they are in a brotherhood. They hide behind their gun and badge


    cop probably thought you were joy riding in daddy's car so he was a prick


    Yellow might be a huge cop magnet !

    Kevin Berdugo

    Is it true you and Lindsay Gordon has a thing? I see Sabrina or TJ hunt are following her anymore. What’s the tea ☕️

    mario marez

    There's many ways to do your job, he unfortunately has problems to be doing it that way.


    This is what gets police officers a bad name, they dont understand that they are harming other officers by doing this kind of shit, and they need a rude awakening into society from somebody.

    Tyler Massie

    Or don't be a dumbass and put the papers in the car…

    Zone6 THE Ohio State

    I swear if I was you I’d pull up to his house in the lambo (with proper papers) and take his wife out for a night of fun take her home and never call her again

    Zone6 THE Ohio State

    I fully support police they have a tough job everyone’s a critic and people who work regular jobs think think they could do better…BUT this is what gives cops a bad name this dude is obviously on a power trip

    Scott M

    Why are you helping them take your car ?

    Duke Nukem

    goof cops


    That sucks he should of just given you a fix it ticket.

    Alex JC

    I feel you Tj, shame on tht officer

    Eliangel Martínez

    I would of went to get it “ok’d” by him and accidentally give him the ferrari papers, and be “oh my fault, here’s the lambo’s papers” .. cause he did it on purpose bruh


    When one asshole meets another!

    Burnzy Boy

    Typical.cops who see you have money and dont care about your rights

    Darius Salazar

    i would’ve told him figure it out yourself, hope you don’t fuck it up


    Hes just mad cuz you don’t have a real job and make money 💰😂


    Aaaaaaaaaand no one cares.

    Danny Wanny

    How the heck the cop has to ok then document? That’s stupid to me


    And put the paper plates on your car. That's easy ticket material for cops.

    Taylor Lemons

    @6:52 Daaaammnnnnn. Bro she is the business. To the highest capacity of it. Is she married? Haha

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