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Polishing Paint For Beginners – How To Master The 1 Step Correction!

Main Polishing Paint For Beginners – How To Master The 1 Step Correction!

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    Jay Montgomery


    tom martin

    What brand of polishes did u use. Could not understand what u said..sorry


    30/50% on my golf removing light scratches I got 100% in the area with sonax excut 05-05

    Kyle D

    Your a genesis my friend!


    Scott your videos are so informative. Thanks to you i have stepped my detailing game up 150%. Keep up the good work! I watch your videos so much my girl says oh god, ur watching ray romano again? She says she thinks u sound a bit like him lol.

    Iggy Joe The detailing guy

    I’ve been in the game for almost 9 years and I can’t believe I never even thought of this. Thanks Scott, I’ll definitely be using this on my next job.

    Phoneman 1223

    Why don’t you use DPC Flash all in one?

    holycleanse Mobil detail

    Great video Scott vas always I learned something


    Boat buffing season just started for me, glad to see i'm not the only one putting in the hours =)

    Kimmy _T

    TIL peas are huge in Dallas

    Angel Ripoll

    Thanks for the info, Scott, I'll be trying this next time I break out the buffing pads

    Daryl Bruns

    But what about the compounds themselves. You could add a more aggressive compound teamed up with the black pad and be in the middle to right? Or add it with the orange. Couldn’t that give you the same results as well. I do like this approach but it doesn’t stop there. That’s figuring out one compound with 3 pads but you could also do 3 polishes with one pad in a way as well right?

    Tosta Details

    I learn a lot with you Scott. But I would still love and have some training in person with you.
    A month ago I did a detailing course in Poland and we used those same inspection lights. They are very good.

    Cameron Stevenson

    Great video Scott I tried a microfibre pad on my car with a medium polish a ford kuga it left a little haze changed to a medium foam pad it worked better

    Adam G




    Mike A

    I took some Vinyl decals off my truck using a heat gun. I noticed that there was some adhesive left, so I used alchohol and an sponge. I scrubbed it with the rough side. After I noticed that paint lost it shine. How do i it paint to shine or look glossy again? Thanks

    Dark Man

    Scott what brand pads are those?


    Hey Scott. You taught me more in all videos than my boss in my two years detailing. You are my mentor. Have a good one 👍🏼


    Damn this was an awesome video! You killed it yet again, but am I the only one that wants to see your 3 spots lol

    Marvin Israel

    Really helpful video. Would an ordinary small powerful LED flashlight be adequate for examining the result or does one need one of those special detailing lights?


    And supa cold for Houston if its ice on the street nobody go to work

    Mark Edwards

    This is absolute gold. Thank you Scott!

    Manuel Salvatierra

    Has anyone used the Makita random orbital?

    David Ruggles

    Love it Scott. Thanks helping guide us newbies in this crazy industry.


    Keep up the great work Scott! Love your content.

    Goebel’s Mobile Detailing

    Awesome channel man, just started mine . I’m a full time professional Detailer at Porsche and running my own Mobile detailing business . Goebel’s Mobile Detailing !! Give me a follow, I detail badass cars all day .

    Dave Stewart

    That is a great idea, I’m 55 years old and learning for myself and my own cars, thank you sir 👍😁

    marios kosmidhs

    Great video thanks again

    Stu Cox

    Loved it Scott, thank you and bless you for these beginner tutorials! Would you recommend a consumer med cut polish for me? I’ve had good luck with megs ultimate compound on my black optimahybrid daily commuter poc lol. Haven’t tried the UP tho. Love ya Scott keep ‘em coming man ur awesome.


    Man this helps me so much. Thanks for sharing Scott

    David Kelly


    Smart idea for testing

    James O’Brien

    This is super cool info. I am having very good results with a gear driven DA and a wool pad using CSI CeramX. I know it’s not for the beginner, but I highly recommend it for ALL polishing needs. Although I still use Sonax for jeweling, you can get amazing results without doing that.


    Top notch Scott. Back to basics for the slow folks in the class. I'm fairly new to paint correction and just looking to make my car, and perhaps a few more in my family look like they have been cared for. Love your how-to's and trade types. Thanks

    john jackson

    Absolutely Guinness

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