Thursday, March 23, 2023

Porsche Cayenne Turbo vs Audi RS4 DRAG RACE – see which is quickest

Main Porsche Cayenne Turbo vs Audi RS4 DRAG RACE – see which is quickest

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    Both the RS4 and the Cayenne Turbo claim they can jump from 0 – 62mph in just 4.1 seconds, however while the Cayenne may be packing a more powerful …

    Tabish Khan | In this video he said that RS4 is 1800 kilos and

    now in this video he is saying that this RS4 is 1700 kilos. Can anyone explain me?


    ha ha. Nice race! VERY unfortunate that you guys did not include this Cayenne in super SUV battle. I'd love to see new Cayenne VS G Wagon and SVR


    Wow. An RS4 race. Again. Yawn 😫

    Dinusha K.Perera

    so whoever got the good start wins?

    Grzegorz Z

    Let's drag Stlevio Q!

    bryan cardoz

    Do a drag race with the dodge demon

    Live Jones

    Beauty conquers the beast.

    Trams Flodur

    Why is the porsche jerking here?

    Moritz Schmidtsdorff

    Porsche ist eben Porsche!


    The RS4 is the most pathetic RS model ever produced and I am a Audi guy. RS3/TTRS, RS5, RS6,RS7, R8 fuck the step child RS4 to be honest.

    Chevy Cole

    Great video


    You clearly desacelarated to let the Audi win at 2:55

    P Mc

    What's the point

    alex Bissing

    Kinda embarrassing how a Audi can beat a Porsche I feel like you just pay for the name for Porsche… they need to step it up especially the prices they charge it’s crazy.


    For an suv that’s mad

    YoEditmusicGuy Cutout

    RS4 need four wheels drive but engine are too heavy to push better get R8.

    Good Stuff

    Make this amazing content in 60fps pls.

    Alen Džudžić

    Cayen vs stelvio quadrofolio vs glc63s

    Zack Silva

    The music at the race was great lol

    SJW Maniac

    Carwow is a bunch of cheap liars! At the end of the video the Audi RS4 accellerates so much better than a Porsche Cayenne Turbo, which has 100 hp more than the Audi… really?? Completely bullshit!
    This is just for dramatising a "third act" in a race between two cars. "Completely untrustworthy" is the best name for it! The Porsche is clearly the quicker car from a standstill. It's "stock" 0-60 mph figure says absolutely nothing, because everone knows that Porsche underrates its cars dramatically!


    Both are made by VW so they are all fancy jettas. And no Porsche before they were bought never made SUVs so its pure VW design.

    The big One

    Porsche has been cheated here just look at the second race

    Milana Sokot


    Márcio Rodrigues



    Urus vs GLC 63s vs Stelvio QV vs Trackhawk vs Cayanne Turbo S
    like to see the fastest petrol SUVs race

    P&F Investments

    How do I get a job racing cars like this?! 🤔

    Alexander Schur

    On the third race it looked like he taped on the brakes in the Porsche

    Planet Auto

    Another great drag race, thank you

Viewing 29 posts - 1 through 29 (of 29 total)
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