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Porsche Electrified! The 2019 Cayenne E-Hybrid

Main Porsche Electrified! The 2019 Cayenne E-Hybrid

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    Yes, you can have your cake and eat it too. The 2019 Porsche Cayenne E-Hybrid is efficient but powerful, comfortable but sporty, and powered by both gasoline …

    Edysin Simon

    I want this one!

    Daniel Gross

    Excellent review as always Tom. Thanks. Now to decide which bank to rob to afford this Porsche… 😯😉💰💰

    Ryan Eisenbacher

    Been subscribed for a long time, per usual gorgeous cinematography, and quality information. Keep it up!


    Good to see Luke V still in the auto industry! He used to be on Autoguide.

    Hyn Sum

    3500-Kgs towing


    Great review as always. I would love your take on the BMW 530e.


    If I had the money, I would buy one of these. I would rather have this than a GLE or X5 for sure.


    Great video as always Tom, you make a compelling argument for the plug-in, perhaps one day. In the near future my heart is set on that new Caddy CT5 Sport – can't wait to see you review that baby!!!!! Also big ups on that 100k – you should hit it soon.


    98,511 and counting. You're almost there!!

    Art by Atlas

    3:48 once you cut to that interior, the first thing I said was "wow, that looks cozy!"

    Is it as cozy as it looks, Tom?

    Curt Ganeles

    7716 pounds towing is simply the conversion from 3500 kg (and hey, you gotta believe Porsche is engineering to a metric standard, eh?).

    Oh, and great review as always. Thanks! 🙂


    I really like the look of the new Cayenne, it is like Porshe have kept at it a now are hitting home runs with most of their current range.


    Great review. I'm waiting on the VW ID3. But thinking I should go the Hybrid route.

    khan rustam

    Very well done review fishes from France

    Billy Beheler

    Great video Tom! I love the color choices of this vehicle. I am a sucker for tan leather seats with a dark headliner and dash. I wish more vehicles offered that option.


    Porsche rep:
    "And actually one of the cool things that PDCC does outside of improving cornering capability, is to consistently increase service business at our franchised dealerships. With our complex motorized sway bar we've seen a jump in very expensive repairs and that's really helped us meet our forecasts for our Genuine Porsche Parts business."

    John Chen

    Almost at 100k subscribers!

    Ryan Lange

    The average American commutes 16 miles to work so as long as they had a place at work to charge their Cayenne e-Hybrid they should be able to get by with just electric power alone. Unless you’re looking for a lot of power like the Turbo offers then a Cayenne e-Hybrid should be a great vehicle.

    Ryan Lange

    I think that a true Porsche purist understands that Porsche has always been about providing the best technology and efficiency that they can and that they would accept any vehicle from Porsche that provides that.

    Jimmy jeanpaul

    "Click – subscribe – and – then –
    notifications "

    That's 5 words Tom


    20 something (22-27) miles of all electric range just doesn't cut it. I know you're an electric enthusiast, but common, this is mediocre range at best.

    Drew S.

    Hey Drive Car Review I have a few questions. I love this porsche but out of my price range.. 🙁 what other plug in hybrids that are fun to drive and have good styling?? And what about reliability issues? Are plug in hybrids reliably??

    Billy Sou

    Is the 8-sp auto a traditional automatic or Porsche’s PDK twin-clutch?

    Nathan Lane

    Very clever dub over the "Cayman S" slip at 3:40! Love your videos though! Always full of extra trivia and entertainment factors on top of the vehicle details.

    B HM

    Nice touch wearing Nikes in Eugene!

    Ok. After driving an MDX Sport Hybrid, I think I want this Cayenne!

    Cory Frye


    Yuram Site

    Thanks for excellent reviews as always!

    jean-louis lonne

    Ok, I'll say it , whenever you decide to charge for these videos, you'll have at least one paying customer. 
    at the risk of being blasted Still awaiting Lotus Elise, before it no longer is made…

    Norm T

    The older, first gen prices are the same as used XC90 T8. The Volvo has almost the same power but obviously the 3-row won't handle like a Porsche.

    Got another year looking used and new plug-in SUVs.


    dude! hook me up with the location at 5:10, holy moly!

    David Plon

    Hi Tom. The Cayenne Hybrid was the one I initially wanted but the wait was going to be to long so I went for the Cayenne S instead! Not that I'm unhappy mind you 🙂 But when did Porsche say they will be releasing the cars for sale? I'm hearing October now. Another great review and truly love you style and the way you present the cars!! Keep all the wonderful reviews coming! Can't wait to see the new Tycan review!! Cheers.

    Matt Finch

    Your the best auto reviewer going,can’t understand why not more subscribers ? Thanks for your hard work.

    vinay nams

    Concise and no nonsense review!
    Goodjob! And Congratulations you are going to touch a 100k subscribers soon!

    B S

    great as always Tom thank you! id like to have your opinion on the Audi Q3 2016 models or newer…

    Oscar Oviedo

    I am a big fan of your videos!!! Great job!!

    Ballah M

    Thx for such a great and beneficial review 👌🏻

    Michael Silbert

    I assume “powerful-o-graphic” is a technical term? 😉

    Michael Silbert

    98.5K – you’re almost there!

    Sulman Ali

    Please review the new 2020 toyota land cruiser…..🙏🙏🙏

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