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Possibly the Sketchiest Gantry Crane Ever Built – Jeep FC Build

Main Possibly the Sketchiest Gantry Crane Ever Built – Jeep FC Build

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    Its almost time to remove this Jeep FC cab from the Frame. Whats the best way to do that? Well a lift would be nice or even a proper gantry crane and a lot of …

    Dave Noel

    Worst bolt you ask?! Jeep XJ rear leaf spring bolts.


    If you want new flares I do believe my grandfather still has a set sitting in his garage never mounted

    Adam White

    Upper shock mount bolts jeep TJ. Also the star bolt upper rear track bar. Oh and body to frame bolts on a jeep tj. I've broken them and many more trying to remove em.

    Bryan Dyke

    This is going to be a awesome build. Hopefully you are able to receive your exemption. I know how that goes! When I was young, helping dad work on cars, we had two that had the left handed threds. They are usually marked on the end of the lug & on the nut. Keep up the great work!

    Oddbjørn Larsen

    put the bed back on the FC frame and build a trailer, or an off road caravan


    that bed could make a cool trailer

    Michael Quinones

    Pitman arm on my XJ is seized, I took off the bolt and thus far I’ve broke 2 harbor freight pitman arm remover tools. Can’t seem to find anything to get it off, I’m stuck, any suggestions?

    Brandon Richter

    Dana 30 front wheel unit bearing bolts on a 95 zj from Minnesota with 230,000 miles… those stupid 12 point bolt heads were rusted to the point you could round them off with bare fingers, no wrench required

    Jake of All Terrains

    I think the thing that I appreciate the most about your videos is the persistence to complete the project solo, for the majority.

    Erich Ritz

    Hey Matt the trim piece goes under dash,driver side


    Cut up the Chevy bed and put it on the FC. It can be done , my grandfathers 59 fc150 had a Chevy c10 bed on it with a 327 vette engine . things was awesome. Becareful with the shifter , because the trans is 4 feet behind you , if you shift to fast or dont make sure you go through the H pattern properly you can actually lock the trans in a gear and the shifter is cast and you can and most likely break the shifter lever in the cab in half

    Ethan Ginsberg

    Exaust manifold

    Stiff Wood

    Anybody else get this association Bleepin is a Jeepin version of a CT tear down video?

    Living Jeep

    One thing I didn’t hear you mention was the fuel tank strap bolts, I’ve been turning wrenches since 2003 and those seem to always be the worst for me.

    Mike Morrison

    Willys America sells the fender flairs you need.

    Mike Morrison

    Any nut or bolt on a Jeep when ya live in Pennsylvania.

    shropshire lad outdoors

    Worm and wheel steering box

    Richard Craig

    Rear leaf spring bolts and shakles on a 1996 XJ

    austin gilding

    Top bolts on rear shocks of a Jeep tj

    Bobby Lemons

    Front leaf spring bolts on the xj

    Dave Dunn

    A broken exhaust bolt


    The music… Lets never use that again..


    Exhaust manifolds and egr pipes I find the worst had both manifolds refuse to come off when I had my ranger motor out so ended up having to swap heads

    Brenton Paterson

    Hot tub?


    What's the song?

    It’s a Bug’s Life

    Really enjoying this series Matt !! I’ve been waiting patiently for you to do another build. And it’s happening!!! ❤️🐞

    Kenneth Halverson

    You need to get one of them portable winches from Walmart

    Kenneth Halverson

    Brake lines

    Kenneth Halverson

    Water pump

    Greg’s Garage

    I deal with property issues and building permits for a living. I would HIGHLY recommend photographing and getting approx setbacks from your neighbors' properties. If you can show a precedent with adjacent properties you can claim that you are trying to make your property consistent with its surrounding properties… As long as you aren't trying to exceed what the neighboring properties have, you should be in good shape. You are trying to show that you aren't doing anything out of the ordinary for the area. Also, you should be able to show when the property was built on and understand if the rules have changed since then. A lot of times, you can claim that the new rules didn't apply to your neighbors and therefore, you aren't lowering their property value or creating a hardship for the jursidiction by decreasing the setback. Most of the time, if you can get a neighbor to support you in the hearing, you will be WAY more likely to get the variance. If you have a good relationship with your neighbors, I'd highly recommend asking them to show up and speak in favor of granting the variance.

    talyn doerr

    Good lord, catalytic converter bolts are a pain
    “Heat solves everything”

    Bill Demergis

    Awesome. And good luck with the permit!


    I'd at least go to your neighbors and ask them to sign a paper saying that they are ok with you adding on to your shop. And maybe even some pictures of side where you want to add on to your shop

    Adam Buckles

    The leaf spring bolts on an xj are the worst thing I've had seize from rust.


    For me is the one bolt you never think of until last. It don't matter if its the first bolt you try to take out or the last. It just seems like there's always that one bolt you forgot to spray anything on to loosen up..

    Isaac Akyigit

    Exhaust manifold bolts. Always gotta be one of them

    Abel Varela

    Rear shock upper bolts on a xj


    Ermm…probably a walnut !!!


    Trans to Tcase bolt are my arch nemesis: The steel bolts and aluminum housing never play nice.

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