Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Preparing Leroy to STREET DRIVE Over 1,300 Miles to FIVE Racetracks! **RACECAR ROADTRIP**

Main Preparing Leroy to STREET DRIVE Over 1,300 Miles to FIVE Racetracks! **RACECAR ROADTRIP**

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    If you guys want any details on the event we’re doing, it’s called Rocky Mountain Race Week. Here’s the link to their page – …

    Marc Hickson

    Lol I use cardboard as a roof on the forklift at work when it's raining and it works a treat.
    I do see a weak spot though where James placed a pressure relief hole that looks prone to major drippage directly on to Cleeters lap 🤣


    I think if you take Leroy on a road trip you want to have some over wheel fenders on him. Make a strap on tarp to cover for rain like the old Jeeps use to have. Take all fenders and the tarp off for the drag.


    Hope you guys have a safe travel on the trip

    Dayton Sander

    Leroy should hey whelen panels

    Andrew Stoffel


    Garrett Coleman

    maybe put an exhaust system on too, or your in for a longgggg ride



    Dale Samuelsen

    Just get some 1/16 thick tin and bend it to the roof and sides for panels then paint em black and screw them on with welded tabs on the cage. Certified bogger then

    Jayden Perry

    Put some air filters on those turbos before 1000 miles

    Sir Grumples

    Holley has no traction with those fur slippers

    Nathaniel Barbeau

    That cardboard won’t last. You better coat it in a rubber spray, or use it as a template for a better material.


    How did you start him? It looks like he’s in reverse.

    Danny Mac

    Duct tape waterproofs cardboard pretty dang good.

    Super Alma

    Leroy 2.0

    Rick Hurt

    Are you going to tag the jet/LS elco? You need a vanity plate on it for street use "JET LAG" lol or "JET LSAG" may need an LSA blower for that one. Just an idea I had to share so you all will come up with something. Thanks for the videos. Keep it up.

    Crazy ATV rider

    Put something like a removable roof….and when you remove it Leroy is still…Leroy😅💪💪💪


    That is a nice stick Holley brought over. You should sand off the bark and keep it for her.


    You should plastidip the cardboard! Also don't forget a pillow for your rear end in those seats. 😎✌



    M Brown

    You sure all the tracks will let you run under 10's without a license?


    YESSS Can't wait

    Cris_ Flows

    Saran Wrap the helmet then just peel it off


    Minty work boys

    Big Biscuit

    Let’s see Ruby’s hood get put back on for the road trip !!


    You should layer your roof in duct tape then ziptie it to the rollcage.

    isaiah rorie

    Holly so sissy with her sissy prance 🥰

    Mark Finnigan

    Cleetus, are you saying the trailer park cousin has "No Class"?

    Vince Dibona

    I know you love Mountain Dew and all, but please, for your health's sake… look up "brominated vegetable oil" and what it does to people. MD is terrible for you in so many ways…

    1 Proud American

    I would duct tape a TARP across the roof on top of the cardboard.
    Roll the sides of the tarp up. So if it rains. You can unroll the tarp and tape it down to the doors. A friend did that on his jeep. It worked out great on the highway.
    Good Luck and Safe Travels


    Bikini top for a Jeep


    Your trailer should have a parachute on it. It would be a sweet little gag.

    Michael Allen

    You need more than just a roof. You need to make it look like a bald eagle lovin' freedom preachin' man's version of those big wheel vettes for kids. Put a front bumper (of sorts) back on with some custom fenders about 2/3 the size of the old ones. Cut the doors down so there 2/3 as tall and rig em up so they can be easily removed at the track. Build some 2/3 height quarter panels and put a rear bumper with "speed holes" on it. And the crown jewel is a fiberglass targa top that actually stays on. All attached with some of those fancy quick-disconnect deals. And add some temporary bartle skeet holders for the trip. Safe travels and do it for Dale!


    a plexiglass cab with dzus buttons for sound and rain👌🏼👌🏼

    Ryan Wright

    Train horns for Leroy

    david folkes

    For the horn just put Leroy on the 2step


    Says theres no trees back there and look threw the garage door XD

    Junior 249

    I would put a carbon fiber roof on leory instead of a cardboard box that way you won't get wet and it'll last on the road trips…

    aarons butt

    You need to get carbon fiber race shell for days like this

    Adolf Kitler

    13:21 Glorified Junk Shot

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