Monday, March 27, 2023



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    GET YOUR MERCH HERE! Wanna follow me? @RicerMiata.

    Jeff Dope

    been waiting all night for an upload i guess no upload 🙁

    Thomas John

    Ruuuuuudnick! Im depressin without a video from you today 🙁

    James Williams

    Where have you been rodnock?

    wren smyth

    Wheres the vids at!!

    jelle cruijsen

    Tommy the painter knows his shit. Much respect too him 🤠

    scott mcC

    Tommy the painter is a rare breed. Solid work


    See I’m good at painting lol, I’ve made some spray can work look good and by good that doesn’t mean show quality but personally I like body and paint work but don’t think I’ll ever Pursue doing it as a career. Probably more just a little hobby or something to try lol, tommy is one hell of smart guy about body work definitely listen to him Chris lol. MERICA

    Adam’s Scale off-road

    Woah no upload yet!?!?

    Peter Chavez

    2020 is great, were at war with Iran, there's the Corona virus, Kobe died tragically, and the homie shattered his leg


    Tommy the painter needs a YouTube channel. He’s so knowledgeable and explains stuff well.


    Rudnik acts weird around Tommy sometimes

    Manny 88

    Wat was the name of the degreaser?


    learning a lot by filming this process, and this guy clearly knows what hes doing


    Every one wants to suck on tommy balls in this comment section, calm down…. this paint job better be the best job in the world the way the painter keeps talking

    Wu – t

    Keep the Tommys close man they both got good intentions on bettering your builds

    Corey Adkins

    If you think that paint shaker sounds like a Mk III Sten. You know what's up

    Kolton Dierks

    Like if this video is amazing


    This channel is a slow progression to shit…

    Austin Santos

    What firecracker was that

    iim Josh

    Tommy the painter get well soon 👍👍👍

    Robert Demers

    We all know who he is voting for hell yeah brother love that guy

    Joey Ries


    Joey Ries

    Tommy is burnt due to "paint products " 😂

    The Angry Italian Scotty Piffin1

    The 70s porn music during the spraying at Tommy’s booth lol

    Frederick Tambunan

    good job with the painting! nice to see you stepping up to learn from a professional like Tommy. 15:24 like a boss #Murica

    Mopar Auto

    Clean your needle and up your volume

    Sleek Zeke

    Damn 14 days in the hospital? Don’t wanna even imagine the bill! Ruddy u better pay the man full price, AND some!

    Josh Hight

    I wish I still lived in Florida I’d come work for tommy in a heartbeat an help out

    Josh Hight

    Tommy is a rare breed , he is willing to teach you his trade an come in 12 at night all broken up. I promise you this will be your favorite cuz you did the paint etc. body work is an art. I was a grunt in a shop for awhile. Listen to anything he wants to teach

Viewing 30 posts - 1 through 30 (of 30 total)
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