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    Met up with the big rig down in New Jersey to go shred the S15 at Englishtown! It’s been too long since I’ve been at a Club Loose event – so much fun!

    Joe Crews

    All I need a 1 shot to show the right people what I can do

    Joe Crews

    Very nice foot work bro only if I had money to build me a drift mobile man I'd be right here with you. Suck tat in this world so much potential but money always seems to stand in peopls way. And then there inspiration dies from the 9-5! And when u finally save enough money your old with kids and you become a grumpy old man full of regret.

    Buckey Laing

    Ps you are rippinnnggg!!! Keep it up

    Buckey Laing

    Nice touch by forsberg on the high line with the left foot brake for the camera car hahaha showoff


    4:15 that was the fanciest fucking footwork i've ever seen


    when ur at work instead of going to watch adam drift at e town 🙁

    Dawson Maddox

    Your evo will blow up in the future, just warning you

    Chris Fontanez

    E36 best for drifting

    SnickleFrits Pickle

    Those cars are almost too slow for the s15 lol

    Kwantum FPV

    Want some drone footage from this event??

    Josh Tingle

    damn jimmys coupe is hot

    Robert Sharp

    What is that sorry attempt of a moustache


    So much fun with your friends

    Darkest Knight

    Shave shave shave that mustache

    Daniel Wotton

    You really wanted to molest that white E36

    Lasse Kærslund Larsen

    I havent seen your videos for a while and then i come back to that sexy mustache💦nice

    Shelby Marner

    Is that Nicoles old car?

    Jaunius Valevicius

    Bro u look soo weard with that moustache

    WolfHound _420

    What is that shifter called?

    Chris Tapia

    Should put a mic in near the back, rev limiter sounds fuckin sick

    JT Smith

    I've re watched this twice now.. I wish i could bring my e36 back from the grave….


    "You're hustlin' us"

    Jordan McMahon

    That white bmw was KILLIN it

    Braxton May

    last 4 turns in the first run with napp were smooth as hell

    Harold Osorio

    I know it’s not my business but Adam can you give us an update with you and Nicole


    The S15 makes all the right noises kinda turns me on

    Billy Buckner

    Chris the force..holy sh1t hes so nice with it

    Terrell Clark

    The next FD event Adam is going to kill it. Been getting so much seat time in the S15.


    1:04 "Interesting", what is this peasant joke i do not understand – Adam


    Driving straighter than an arrow behind Forsberg hahahaha smashing your oil pan because hellaflush. Brb before smashed oil pickup blows your engine to pieces.


    The racetrack Nürburgring and the City Nürnberg are 390km (240miles)apart,
    the city Nürnberg has also a race track its called Norisring but its not public. Greatings from Germany ceep up the cool vids Adam


    you nad jimmy were the most down to earth guys thank u for signing my aviators and being so chill to hang out with

    Andrew Hershel

    It's funny as hell, BUUUUT can Adam please explain what that end clip is when he puts the song in? Like where did that come from!?!??

    Michael Navarro

    Holy crap the footwork cam was legit!! Easy driving says LZ but god daymn great angle and the follow was just perfect! 👊🏻😁 you seem less stressed in these last events?? Epic driving skills, great footage, we all know you’ve got it bro. Glad to see you had fun too! 😁👍

    Edgar Bustillos

    Your driving has gotten so good from when I started watching it’s insane

    Camilo Colon

    I like the electric engine


    How do you not like thai iced tea ?!?

    Dreyer Vorster

    would love to see that drone footage

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