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Pro Detailing – How To Set Interior Pricing & Package!

Main Pro Detailing – How To Set Interior Pricing & Package!

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    Scott need a video on cleaning a vinyl tops

    Andy’s Auto Care Plus

    Man truly great information here Scott!!

    OCD Detailing

    2255 are my competitors in this industry so my price and work ethic has to be ๐Ÿ’ฏ

    DarthRevan .Gaming

    Thank you for your advice not only are you helping us learn detailing but also some common sense that's not so common.
    I'm going to start detailing cars soon enough and always wonder how much I should charge and why. I personally have a very OCD attitude when it comes to detailing cars and while I want to work on detailing I also did not want to work for almost free… I do that at my current job and I don't want to give my time away for scraps.

    Lost and not forgotten

    Can you help

    Lost and not forgotten

    I was thinkinh doing ceramic coating on platsics and vinyl but dont know how much to charge

    Shawn Peters

    Scott!! You're going to make me too much money!!

    Collin Hopper

    Scott, have you done some remodeling?

    Thiago Antonio

    I like the way you think, love your channel.


    Scott who is your website host?
    I can't operate (open) my website to make changes how can I purchase my domain name to transfer with another host?
    what is a good carrier (host)?

    Kevin Z06

    I want the MSDS SHEET for your spray sealant and ceramic coating


    those counter tops though

    Wasea Tong

    Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful video with us~

    Dan Morrissette

    Detailing your Menu in a Professional Simple Presentation !! Thank You Scott !! Makes Sense in My World !!! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Lex Diaz

    wow, i was just thinking of adjusting my interior detailing prices and bam you put out a video just in time. Thanks scott !

    Ketchum K9

    Great information Scott, thank you!


    So where do I put the Scotty statue to pray too and worship because holy $ฮผ!ะ“! This is the detailing MESSIAH. Thank you Scott. Seriously! Man. You have helped me so much. My detailing game has jumped to another level. I first started with Mike from Autogeek then Larry from AMMO then two others. Then I find you on YT. You have such a sincerity and passion in your dialog. The other's guy's are great and I respect and love those guy's. But if you were to be in the mobil tech expo with those other guy's and you each had your own booth. I would be coming to see you. With eye's wide open at attention and ear's closely listening and camera recording with a backup camera just in case. For me I would see you and feel like I am looking at a celebrity. In my world it's true. Your video's mean a lot to me in my life. I am a person who doesn't fit in a lot of regular jobs working for someone else. I go from job to job. I don't fit! But! This; is me. I am a detailer. I get excited going to work. I show up on time even if I barely slept. I really want to be there. It's fun and rewarding to see and hear clients ooh's and ah's when they feel how smooth the paint is and the reflection off the panels when they look into them. Or when you get out a stain they thought was impossible and they see a flawless or near flawless finish. I fit in. This is my world. This is where I feel I belong. This is what I'm good at. I am not a loser anymore. Thank you Scott. You just now made me realize that I am happy or at least on my way as I type this. Shit! I'm tearing up ๐Ÿ˜‚. But tears of joy. Thank you Scott.

    I got my first call today on my from a referral. He saw I took out some white paint transfer that had set in for years. The car was a red nissan rogue. Very neglected. Inside and out. But what a transformation. So this guy owns a real 69 camaro 10 sec drag car and a trailer and a dually. And he selling them all. And he has a dealership. And I am taking on a 27 foot airstream from someone else that I did their truck and wife's car. I invite you to see how you affected my work. Check out my Instagram.
    There will be some video's I edited myself. Two called Steering wheel gunk. And the red nissan rogue a black VW passat and a couple of others. Hope you like it. There are before and after shots. Enjoy and thank you again for being my teacher. Love ya bossโœŒ

    Edgar Yanez

    once again thank you Scott for the info, I am pulling the trigger this spring to start detailing as a side hustle

    In The Surf

    Completely agree with the all or nothing.. I'm a small business with plenty of work. I do not offer a "less than" detail service. I'm too OCD and would rather do work for those that want a complete detailing.


    I was literally looking through your price lists and descriptions yesterday, and boom you make a video about it! ๐Ÿ˜€


    I hate cheap window shoppers. Gotta message from a guy asking me how much it would be if he only wanted to address his seats and 4 floor mats. I had to eat up my anger a little bit. Really what I wanted to tell him was get the fuck off my line I don't need your cheap ass business

    J C

    Children, pets, and smokers will dictate the price adjustment. The K.I.S.S. principal. Great vid ๐Ÿ‘

    onr detailing news

    Dallas paint boy in the house ha ha ha ha

    alberto gorin

    keep it simple .in responding i have to keep it simple


    Thanks, very helpful info, appreciate it

    Dagoberto Ruiz

    Thank you Scott. I value all of your videos.

    Ebugwhat H


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