Saturday, March 25, 2023

PROJECT NEIGHBOR's New 2020 Livery is AMAZING! + Slapping on an Upgraded Supercharger!!!

Main PROJECT NEIGHBOR's New 2020 Livery is AMAZING! + Slapping on an Upgraded Supercharger!!!

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    New Shirts and Freedom Factory hats!!! – Project neighbor FINALLY got an updated look! What do ya’ll think?? Our 2020 …

    Cleetus McFarland

    Neat thing I’ll be posting more about. That’s actually a complete wrap on the car, not just stickers on the side. 🦅🇺🇸

    10kevinUSA 09

    He gets weird about ford parts !!!🤣🤣🤣 it did look ockward for James

    Pax Humana

    You need to put a hood on the vehicle.

    cjshoe 1990

    Man I love neighbor it's so awesome I know you guys are all Chevy guys but I love the Ford content would be awesome to see you put a turbo coyote in one of those Mustangs

    cjshoe 1990

    Im saying 10-15k on neighbor if it were just built by sone guy with the history and celebrity status 30-50

    Kyle Marsh

    how about post a video about that ZL1 or c7z in the background

    Chris Sullivan

    Any ford is worth 0$

    Mike McKay

    Sooo is Vaughn going to sneak the ForEd on the drift car?

    Jacob Sims

    At least $20k. And another $100k in nostalgia.

    Quinn Garner

    This brought back memories of this video. You should do something with this dude if you can find him haha:


    It was driven by a little old lady. If that little old lady is adrenaline filled and drinking Red Bull.


    What a good friend and an awesome tribute

    Levi Lucio

    . . speaking of big body. whats going on with the galaxy?!?!? I almost had a chance to own one near that same year!! shit I wanted to slang that thing hahaha

    Jay AR

    Neighbor would get 15k all day long on ebay, Rabbit could sell this for 25k.

    Levi Lucio

    man Ive alway wanted to slang a big body like that

    Abstract wizard


    ronnie fourro

    Have u thought about bringing neighbor ova to australia for summernats 2021

    Alexis Melendez


    Matthew Pape

    Cleetus, please have an alignment done on neighbor! Drives me nuts, I think because I love that car so much lol.

    Bronson Honea

    I’d say 7,000


    Elwood: "So is it the new Blues Mobile" Jake: "Fix the lighter".

    Kings_ Nemesis

    just take the corded tires and sand em smooth and boom good as new

    Eric Stone

    Australia huh… Please tell me you guys are hooking up with Marty and Moog!!! You need to get Mighty Car Mods in the freedom factory!!! The Roadkill boys know em do Cleetus M, MCM and Roadkill at the Freedom Factory for a 3 way build off that would be epic!!!

    Loose Screw Lab


    Mathew Bryant

    I'd put neighbor on the market for nothing less than 75k. He's a legend, and legends don't come cheap. That's a car with the heart of the man you let em rip for! I'd hate to see you let em go

    Cameron Fountain


    Shane Strasinger

    I feel sorry for the fool who trys to run from the freedom factory security

    Kyle White

    Gotta say, I'm a relatively new sub (couple years), so I have no idea who Ed is/was, but that intro was awesome and the custom badge is a great little touch in tribute to him.

    Deep hug

    Has this car ever broke down?? I feel like for the years I’ve been watching this channel that car has been ripping nonstop!!🤘🤘

    bobby lavalle

    Man I'd love to come out meet n just hang out with you guys

    Ronny Chavez

    I think that neighbor is work much more then money at this point but if was just to say something in value I’d be about 8.5 million mullets.

    Big Kahuna

    i didnt know who "ed" was, i thought u guys was saying "Do it for Erectile Dysfunction". but after i started looking, what a wonderful tribute.

    Tom Roy

    Awesome wrap job

    Peter Schmidt

    Wow the ForEd badge man that's awsome! Rip Ed

    Mark Golden



    It's unreasonable how much it bothers me that Neighbor doesn't have a hood…

    Alexander K

    Will indy tickets be available soon? Or is it going to be pay at venue only? Trying to figure out my game plan. I'll be there either way!

    Josh Ousley

    All it needs is a cowl hood that fits and says “Do it for Ed”

    XLORDXSITHX Royal Miller

    15k to 20k after a quick rebuild of the block up

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