Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Pure Hybrid Turbo + CSF upgrades to a Nardo Grey F82 M4

Main Pure Hybrid Turbo + CSF upgrades to a Nardo Grey F82 M4

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    An existing customer found they wanted more power after having our Stage 2 upgrade for a few years, so they came back to us to take their car to the next step.


    Is the car on PCP finance?



    O K

    Hey Imran can you do some m140i /m240i content tuning etc these m4's etc a …little out of my reach

    DanieI Joseph

    I’d like to see the customer drive reaction.


    What, if any, is the approach to counter the crank hub issue?


    See imran, pure turbo's is from Belgium, I am from Belgium we know are stuff, let me come work for you so I can leave this forsaken country. Our tuners are good but the goverment won't let us drive our cars.

    E Muham

    It's a sick build, but I really don't understand the British obsession with bhp to the point that their dynos read out estimated numbers in bhp instead of just giving whp. Why not just go by what the car makes at the wheels?

    Chris Mcintosh

    Must be a handful in the dry and full code brown in the wet.
    Do you need upgrades to the transmission for the torque increase? >300lb/ft extra through a standard ‘box and clutch.


    superb vid as always

    Al Tee

    Actually sounds real nice

    J C

    I have the same car – but a comp pack. Not sure I like the rims on this one but quality upgrades done so far. Keep up the good work.

    Brandon Anderson

    Update on this customer’s car after you convince him it needs the Fuel-IT kit to run on e85


    Would the Pure 2+ have given more hp with everything else the same?

    Build Indian

    Did you upgrade your crank hub? It’s gonna break if you run too much hp


    These M4/3 have so much potential in terms of performance.
    It's like the german version of the mighty Supra turbo!!
    Great work guys!👍


    Does it have any upgrade on the crank hub?

    Tanvir Hussain

    Very simple way to dial up the power! Also a much smoother map so u can keep the right foot buried!

    MJ W

    i find it interesting how Pure Turbos actually say you don't need to fit an upgraded intake at all and the stock one is the best, Ricky had the conversation with them when they fitted his turbos.

    Limitless Trading

    Big respect to the technicians.. that didnt look easy 👌🎩

    C B

    Stock turbos leaking on stock tune eeek! Guess good excuse for pure if it happens to me


    Nice build! Stock turbos already leaking, what a rip.

    Rory Wheeldon

    this will look fantastic in the new place Imran
    Love your work, let me know when your open day is ill pop down.

    James R88

    The owner must have spent a fortune on that

    Dan Y



    Is there a height restriction in the garage? Just with the tech having to keep dropping the bonnet while sending the car up in the air

    Nikolas Martin

    Why can’t y’all be in the states I’d love to bring my M3 to y’all to rebuild my s65 😢

    Nathan Gordon

    Nice m4 i miss mine 🙁 keep up the good work imran i am waiting for your 2020 m3 thats when the fun starts

    Gary Grenier

    Nice build! The CSF radiator is huge. Do you have to enhance the engine cooling system at all? Blocking a lot more of the radiator. Also I’m v on fused about the color(s). It doesn’t look like a wrap. What’s up with that?

    andy white

    Turbo torque just can’t be match – once went in a RS6 and I kid you not it triggered a old neck whip lash injury

    I was sold and have wanted one ever since 😂

    Philip D.

    Ist das nicht zu schlapp angegurtet?


    Amazing work and content

    Mike A

    Wow 600 hp and 600 tq to the wheels is incredible.

    Steven Thompson

    Great work as always Mate


    whats with the ugly orange under the hood?

    Kies Motorsports

    Love that combo 🤙🏼🤙🏼

    Mo Assad

    Has the customer has done any chassis stiffening?


    As always great filming & good seeing an M4 on your ramps.
    Mental upgrade as well 👍🏻👊🏼

    willbur 420

    How many miles it looks like it has leaks already … that sucks

    Leeloo dallas Multi pass

    It annoys me a little the technicians bending over the wings of the car don’t use those mats they put over them.

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