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Put the PERFECT turbo on my Evo 5 – Will it beat the GTR?

Main Put the PERFECT turbo on my Evo 5 – Will it beat the GTR?

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    Installed a crazy concoction put together by Forced Performance to hopefully keep my evo the perfect backroad monster with a little extra punch up top.


    Dad saves Adam at 14:46

    monika laosi

    Ball Bearing is a reliability thing, theoretically it spools faster but it isn't very noticable

    Jason Moser

    Maybe its just me but… I truly enjoy the interaction between a few of my favorite gearheads @7:30. I feel like it is exactly what we've all been looking for in videos from you and others. Thanks for this. Keep up the good work!.

    No Limit Rc

    Should of put the fp black!!

    lanilm kopo

    Adam can you link me your ignition setup. Need this for my 5 big time.

    Daft Hands

    Should have gotten the FP Black. The Green won’t get you close to 500 WHP alone.

    Andre R Memories

    Hopefully im not the only one that loves the vids with Adams dad in it. He is just awesome

    mike sloat

    dead pixel in the camera starting when he test drives the evo is driving me nuts

    Its Shaba

    Everyone in the Evo community when he says a FP Green is "big": 🙄😂

    Evo Auto X guys run FP Reds and that's still small.

    aola wili

    Your dad looked like he was about to pass out when you were driving. That porsche RIPS!!!

    Blake Campbell

    Please do more stuff with your bmw 335i

    Dat Boosted Ute

    Yea i got the Vband downpipe FP green and sold it because it was slower spool than an OEM 9, so i got a custom 9 with TME billet wheel

    Tj Omg

    Look how good he is already , doesn’t even need a seatbelt

    SiN Loud

    Honestly, I love seeing Rudnick, Tommy, and Adam hanging out while they do car stuff together.


    His dad looks like Eiski when he rides with Tagami in his 86


    that course is confusing as shit for a first timer man i see why he was so lost

    Casey Baker

    HELL YES AUTO-X!!!!!


    Street Tires in Autocross are 200TW+ tires, r888's are an R-comp tire.

    Joe Perucci

    DUDE I met Tommy at efi when my sti was getting tuned and he told me "some guy" was talking shit at his shop about bolting on an FP black turbo and making 800whp. Had to have been talking about adam before he decided on the green.

    Rusty Wells

    You suck at copilot Adam I mean really suck at it!!! WTF! Dude you mess up your Dad's run!!!

    Drew Lambert

    i don't want it to be a racecar full tube suspension heim joints …..

    Matt Souza

    Pappa LZ is savage but you tossed him around in the Porsche i felt bad for him


    Tommy "can I talk shit" F'Yeah


    Displacement yields more torque. However, individual cylinder displacement determines how it builds. Evo is .5 liter per cylinder, whereas the gtr is .43 per cylinder. Evo builds better torque down low, gtr up high. And obviously turbos add to the amount. And yes, cam profile.


    When are you going back to Florida

    ron baer

    when you hear car youtubers butcher Porsche pronunciation

    Chase Dever

    14:20 funniest thing I’ve ever heard in my life

    glenn lbs

    "… BUT!…." lol.

    Daniel Ward

    It'll take that skyline to gapplebees lol

    Chad Parke

    Imagine being a Porsche driver and losing to a Z06 on slicks, lmaooooo

    Daniel Ward

    My buddy has a green on his 2g at only like 20lbs, it fuuuuuckin rips. Good choice well probably see a red soon. And no, you can get the ball bearing option from FP.

    Sylvester Stillstoned

    That porsche takes off like a MONSTER.

    Chris Topher

    Your dad is rad man

    Turn in Burn

    I loved the co-pilot rally style with your dad lol, Stoked about the battle with Godzilla! honestly gonna be a close one..


    I don't think running a ball bearing turbocharger will start making boost that much quicker versus a journal bearing turbocharger. If you have the time, I found this quite an interesting read.

    Better/faster spool with bb over jb is another great misnomer in the turbo community imho and usually a seat of the pants placebo effect. There is also some misconception as to what spool is. The time it takes to start making boost at the manifold, that is really transient response which is generally measured by what rpm you start registering boost at and can be called the boost threshold, then you will have an rpm you achieve desired max boost at, often called full spool. Spool really being time from initial boost to get to desired boost at wot. Most though consider it when boost starts being made, ie my turbo spools up at 3000rpm and full boost 45000rpm.

    Many factors to look at but in general no there will be no night and day spool difference especially if the turbo is already spec'd nicely for the engine size. You could expect at most a 100-200 rpm difference tops in boost threshold, ie barely noticeable to no measurable difference going from jb to bb with all other factors equal.

    Resistance of the bearings difference is minimal, a couple percent for 360 journal vs angular contact bearings, so all else being the same not much difference in the ability of the mass of the shaft and wheels to accelerate with the same turbine drive pressure.

    That said a bb setup is generally mechanically superior to jb in every way. Requires less oil volume and pressure to lube and cool. Less surface area contact so this reduction in friction generates less heat in the bearings which means its more mechanically efficient for optimal acceleration. This also leads to increased stability, as the ball bearings are less likely to deform at higher temps and shaft speeds. A ceramic ball being the best over a steel ball, but steel ball still superior to a 360 journal. To sum it up this leads to bb generally having a longer service life and able to withstand more abuse. It will handle things like surge, stall, shifts, 2-step launches and high pressure ratio/shaft rpm better.

    Jose Sellas

    Adams looked like elitot and his dad looked like E.T. When he was in the basket riding in that seat


    Odd you have to explain to viewers the reasoning behind going with Forced Performance over a company like Precision or Garret. Their drag car is one nasty DSM.


    Adam should just stop saying he’s not going to overbuild his cars. We all know it’s gonna happen anyway lol

    bradford2013 gaming

    Where did the turbo S come from?

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