Monday, March 27, 2023

Quarantine and Chill Mods!

Main Quarantine and Chill Mods!

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    Ryosuke Takahashi

    With all this cars I would shred it on the track or touge battle some of my friends you should look into those types of races

    RB30 240sx

    May seem way far from now but keep building this thing from in and out and clean engine bay and interior and take the s13 to sema lol

    etienne lorrain

    Give the datsun some love!

    Sean Lee

    Yo what breed is that dog?? Cus I have the same lookin dog but never know what her breed is. Let me know ASAP! Rep from SJ

    Erik R

    20:48 why did kaz and sonny walk in thru the door when the other side is wide open to just walk in without opening the door 😂

    Abdul Majeed

    whats the outro song??

    Dr. Mango

    Is the a Nissan 370Z at the back of the warehouse that is covered up

    Aj Leal

    Put the damn supercharger on randy!!! Lol

    Ealyja Cisneros

    What platform do you use to edit your videos?

    Toxic laser

    I'm getting scared cause everyday in my country there is like 80 more people with the virus 🥺🥺🥺

    900Gaming TV

    Rit Whitener Brightener Liquid is the best way to clean the stitch. A cheaper alternative is try using Dawn dish detergent with a soft tooth brush.

    It'll look brandnew again Promise


    what happen to using baby wipes? lol….

    fulffy_foot 314

    Nice videos 👌
    R32 is also my dream car
    Maybe when I'm old enough to buy a r32 and drive car I wanna go visit ur warehouse and meet you guys😁😁😁

    gate access

    wanted that tilt wheel for past 6 years. so fn sick!!

    Kevin Tran

    Since when was Thomas a part of Lost Royalty?

    Jordan Emmons

    Give away still crackin?

    Ruth Richards

    Ore the r32 i dont know can you help

    Ruth Richards

    Well i am young and you showd me how to do stik thanks bro

    Ruth Richards

    My dream car is a supra but i dont know if i should think about the new or the old

    Family1st Nizzy

    So are we going to not speak about how the garage gate is up but kaz and sonny still goes open the door to go in 😂😂😂 y’all is hilarious

    Carson Thomas

    I would like to get off my ass to work on my car. But I don’t have any money because of being layed off

    Britto Gnanapragasam

    Thomas:Only the floor mat looks good.
    Datson:Am I a joke to you.


    I have a GREAT idea for you. Tell your viewers (us) to send you our cars/ project cars to an e-mail and review them. I think the audience will love this kind of video. Keep up the good work dude! You are a role model.

    manny 845
    Anthony Suarez

    Where’s the Grom

    Jazy Ca



    What kind of high school did u go to

Viewing 28 posts - 1 through 28 (of 28 total)
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