Monday, March 27, 2023

R32 GTR needs a NEW motor..

Main R32 GTR needs a NEW motor..

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    Today @Omerta Garage and I do a leak down test and a compression test on the GTR’s RB26DETT. The numbers do not look so good.. Click here to check out …

    Dustin Williams




    Mads Sørensen

    4:00 thought this was a car channel


    chaser jzx100 engine swap?

    Sound Good

    What's the best cheap coilovers 2 lower my car not for racing or anything just to lower it Lexus gs300 2001


    I still want an r32 in my life!

    Anthony Garcia

    Ohhhh yeah .. turbo time.

    boy randi

    i love ur content all about your boys i hope to have this kind of gang gang and hope to be ur squad /// plss subscribe me guys tq

    Omar Gonzaa

    No queama cuhh!


    will you drop illiminate skateboard decks or wheels lol


    Back smith was proper lol

    Lowtek Graham


    Juan Castellanos

    Working out inspired by a prison segment 😤🤣


    Brooo yessss burn yard hell yeahhh

    Papa Reyes

    Over acting

    Emmanuel Martinez

    Those 122 dislikes can all suck me lmao haters

    cris oviedo

    who needs a gym when you have a bar, wheels, and some jack stands

    Estevan Gonzalez

    Why this man always moaning bro I was watching this eating a sandwich and this dude start moaning and my dad over here thinking I’m watching porn 🙃

    gate access

    Single Turbo for the WIN

    Boosh Ninja

    That ladder climb had me dead af!

    gate access

    @09:09 but arent there 3 TDC's on each piston. one for intake, one for compression and one for exhaust. TDC on intake stroke exhaust valves are closed and intake are starting to open. TDC on compression stroke all valves are closed. TDC on exhaust stroke exhaust valves are open and intake valves are closed. in order to do leakdown test you need to ensure you are indeed TDC on the compression stroke and not TDC on intake or exhaust stroke..

    Sean lee

    Did stock have any problems???


    Ngl I have mostly ignored your videos, and avoided subscribing…

    … But that little ladder stunt earned a sub from me lol

    JIT I

    My two favorite channels! You have to throw down at the burn yard, that would be a sick ass video!

    Nathoo Nathoo

    Were is Christian why he is not in the illiminate videos Randy you should pay Christian a visit at his warehouse i like his cars

    Omar Martinez

    Yes go it’s gone be litty

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