Friday, March 24, 2023

Racing In The First Ever Freedom 500! (It was Amazing)

Main Racing In The First Ever Freedom 500! (It was Amazing)

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    Huge thanks to Cleetus for making this dream a reality.

    Tech NO City

    Why didnt they remove the Inertia switch fuel cut off every ford has one

    Tech NO City

    On those radios the default frequencies are illegal to transmit on the FCC has satellites that scan for rouge/pirate radio equipment. $10,000 fine is no joke


    You guys need some iRacing practice

    Mike Hunt

    Brent cut his hair? Finally.

    Justin m

    dick flames

    Ed Fleming

    Ya just can't drive. I'm still liking the video though.


    I've watched a few videos now and would like to say thanks for including footage of the inertia switch reset, tire change, and the burnout party. I was wondering the whole night why cars would leave the track and come right back on, and love seeing the pov of the burnout bumper car shenanigans.


    Emilio needs to sell frozen empanadas!!!!

    Brandon Carpenter

    Emilio's car is a beast to put up with I'm leaving it in drive it constantly shifting he might have been fast if someone would give him a few pointers lol I'm not trying to be a dick


    If they want to eliminate the inertia switch that kills the fuel pump you can just cut the wires of the pop button in driver quarter inside trunk and wire them together it won’t hurt anything just will bypass it so you can bump around a little more

    Joshua Hautala

    that burnout pad was like a burnout contest on meth

    Turbo 2

    Probably a nice change to sit in comfy Vic seats for a race.

    scott evangelista

    Did you guys forget to bypass the enertia switches?


    If you guys are bored in Tampa, come help me get my SR20DET to stop smoking! Just replaced the turbo and now need it not to run so rich! Right hand drive, S13 vert. In Clearwater!! 😀

    Carolina mud Reaper

    Imma be pissed to,see the full story and find out,all the cars didnt,line up for a burn out

    Oklahoma Psychofisherman

    That fuel cutoff switch in the trunk when you hit the wall.

    Charles Gathers

    when u get on your account on your computer to add another comment and another like 😉 also ran into a random honda guy today who was like 40. "yo.. you know boosted boys right?" did we just become best friends? lol

    Chris Festini

    It would of been safe to at least bought some tires I'm mean the cars w pi old of handled so much better

    John Ozolnieks

    Hold a race with ptsd veterans. Same cars

    Michael Margiotta

    those cars represent anything but freedom.


    Brent is drivin drivin.


    Truly Historic Event!!!

    TetraHydroCannabinoL THC

    So who won wtf! I guess not you guys no shoutout

    Chris Archer

    This was bad ass, so glad you gave us the in car views! Thanks for that, can't wait for the next 1!

    Daniel Brockert

    Holy Fucking GT Performer!!!

    Rene Prudhomme

    That was amazing !!


    Dude next time wear you harness correctly that's a good way to get really hurt latch is suppose to be at your waist not your chest

    Jerry Lifsey

    I hope James does a video on the condition of each car

    Jerry Lifsey

    Good thing no airbags went off but those darn crash sensor fuel cutoffs…


    Subscribed and notifications are on. How could I do this?

    User Anonymous

    Rule one. Never let off gas

    Almost Serious

    Love it ty…I wish they/we had the funds to expand the oval….The burn out pad was nice, but let's keep going! Hell ya brother!~….

    Seth Hollingshead

    How do you 6 feet distance with friends you drove to Florida with that’s stupid lol

    Colonel Senders


    Scott M

    “Stay off the grass”. If you ain’t rubbin you ain’t racin.

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