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Range Rover Evoque SUV 2019 in-depth review on and off-road! | carwow reviews

Main Range Rover Evoque SUV 2019 in-depth review on and off-road! | carwow reviews

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    This is the all-new Range Rover Evoque! When it comes to stylish SUVs, there’s no denying that the Evoque stand toe-to-toe with any other competitor in the …

    William Mackay

    Well, it’s a range rover, so one of these days those door handles will break.

    Jared Shelton

    Kia Sorento or Telluride is much better.


    Click on the damn! Pop out banner at top right hand corner of the screen!😂😂😂

    Damla Goztas

    the face 😂

    Lutfur Rahman

    Carwow and carbuyer collab please

    Twe Foju

    My fucking god, this car is cheaper than a VW Tiguan and Mazda CX-5 in Indonesia, i fuckin hate the tax law here.

    Jedward Tong

    1:51 Matt, it's not so glossy now you have run your finger over it. 😛

    Blaze Iliev

    Nice new suitcase

    mahesh yadav

    Matt never gives buy rating to jlr cars

    Brad Niblock

    Old evoque x Velar

    Mk 8209

    Why matt always fingers the 12v ports ? 😝

    James Tyler

    It would be cheaper to just get the new Ford Escape.

    Luck Ding Wong

    This one will be heavily discounted via carwow… Just alot of missing bits and pieces

    gaurav forged

    have these land rovers been reliable since last couple of years , just conscerned what our indian compatriots at tata are selling to the world since we are in competition with the germans , who have this un- distructable reputation for the obvious.

    ian farnfield

    now that was a bit of gorgusness not the car or the male presenters ginnytastic


    Still Panoramic Sunroof ? or Can we get an opening Sunroof with this New Version of Evoque?


    Evoque's suspensions are too hard for Europian roads I think.
    Are engineers Japanese or someone from smooth road country??

    Djordje Vukicevic

    In ny opinion best loking rover, inside and out.


    Chris Harris sums up small SUVs when he spits at 1:17 on this video at the mention of the name

    Emir Striković

    Why comparing with q3 and xc40 this car is in class with q5 and xc60

    Cameron Bruce

    Oh no first world problems right now
    Keep up the good work


    1:45 higgledy piggledy

    Mike Powell

    Just love the design of all Land Rovers but why in 2019 are we still talking about POOR Reliability …..why can’t they get it right …….look over at Kia 🤪 I own a Land Rover though I’ve had no real issues,I just love it but why put so much into design if it doesn’t run right ..could you imagine if Toyota bought them ….


    No doubt horrendously unreliable as all Land Rovers are….bottom of the reliability index for the 15th year running

    Jimmy Twigg

    Bloody awful motor. Avoid.

    Athul Raj

    The truth is..99% of people saying range rovers are not reliable didn't even got sat on one.

    Gunsahib Singh

    Who forgets his wallet.. It was a silly joke. No need of that

    Razvan George

    That videoquality is top notch!

    Baza H

    I hate those fabric seats.. spoils the whole car for me.

    Pepe TheFrog

    Best looking and least reliable in its class


    I was gonna say it looks like a mini velar

    Harshil Malik

    11:14 louder than the Tesla's farting seats

    Harshil Malik

    9:50 yeah Matt, why would you care about an evoque when you've got an 8 series for a while

    Vivek Jayan

    Damn. That is one tidy under body @18:10.


    Way better than its German competitors.

    Future Trends

    Landrover….Always Insane Thats why it is Unique..

    Hamouda IA

    2:01 "Plenty of adjustments in the steering wheel" oh reaaaaaaaally? that's literally every car ever dude

    peaceful mind


    Joseph Reiner

    Matt, you should do a review on the new Lexus NX, it's an incredible mid SUV.

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