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Rare Chevy Sedan Delivery, Boss 302, and a Mercury 1 ton pickup | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 51

Main Rare Chevy Sedan Delivery, Boss 302, and a Mercury 1 ton pickup | Barn Find Hunter – Ep. 51

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    In this episode of “Barn Find Hunter,” Tom Cotter meets Willie Vinton, curator and manager of the Fountainhead Antique Auto Museum, in Fairbanks, Alaska.


    My father in law had a 57 Sedan Delivery, no windows. It was an old Civil Defense vehicle.


    When I first opened my body shop in 1990 the first two cars in the shop for restoration was a 1957 sedan delivery with metal on the sides instead of windows. I don't know what drive train it had from the factory but when I got it the mechanical work had already been done and it had a GM 427 crate engine that had been re-worked and was 450 hp. It had a 4 speed with a hurst shifter and a camaro rear axle. The suspension had been updated and had power disc brakes and power/ quicker steering box. Also it had A/C, power windows and cruise control. I painted it a deep red metallic that I think was a new chevy truck color that year. It was a very nice ride when it was finished. Personally I would have preferred a 700R4 transmission but it wasn't mine so I didn't have much choice. The second car (same owner) was a 1969 (not 1970) 302 Boss. It was all stock and had been restored but not good enough for the owner. It needed new quarters and the rest was just remove the bad body work and refinish it in the original off white. He sold them both as soon I was finished to a classic car dealer in Florida for a very nice profit.

    LeRoy Luper


    Bartismo Ellis

    I was a little disappointed that you chose to feature the blue Mustang over the two door jag sitting next to the 57 Chevy the jag being a much rarer car.


    A simplified way of putting it would be that Mercury is to Ford as GMC is to Chevy.

    gary t Katranis

    nice cars but your mustang that you own is nicer real nice car cool show good finds nice cars al the way around keep it coming good show

    Norm Meunier

    Love your barn finds but I cringe when I hear a car guy say VIN number.


    That Mercury truck has to be one of my favorites


    Back in 1978, I stayed for a few days in Visalia, Ca. My friend's father was a keen member of the CAP and said we should go up in a plane- my first and last flight in a light aircraft- we did all these practise landings in a training circuit- that was fun (not)! Anyway, I did notice at this little airport there were some very old trucks dotted around that looked semi-derelict- they were from the 40s. I often wonder what happened to them.

    Edwin Thomas

    Man I love that nice.FJ60 Land cruiser. I'm biased since i have a 84.

    Ruben Torres

    The 57 is so cool!

    Ruben Torres

    Had a gremlin and it was a great car!


    Back in the early 80’s I had one of those 57 glass side deliveries. It was a six with three speed and had the wood floor behind the seats. It had been a military pool car. My mom made me get rid of it or she’d call the scrapper to come pick it up. I’d already lost half a dozen cars that way so I gave it to a buddy who’s little brother promptly broke all the windows out of it.

    Chris Saddler Sam

    8:00 what's that #47 down there?!? 😀

    Richard Mann

    Living in the Buffalo/Niagara region, I see many Mercury trucks.

    eovdubs VW

    Has Hagerty ever thought about sweeping through Canada for Ban Finds?

    Terry Horlick

    I love old cars and barn finds, especially the Ford Model T Town Car body, 1913-1915 's are very rare! There is some other pretty rare stuff in there.

    I hate to see nice airplanes tied down outside in the weather instead of being in a hangar. My aircraft has to be torn down and stuffed inside my barn then trailer-ed to the airport and reassembled before flight because hangars are unavailable at the airport. The airport has a bunch of hangars full of car parts and unavailable for airplane or airplane build projects. The FAA is currently looking at this use (misuse) of hangar space as a drag on general aviation and the commerce lost to the community when viable hangar space is converted into long term storage. Lets promote and build storage in areas zoned for that and open up hangars to use by activities which only can be accomplished on an airport. I am hoping the the proposed rule making to limit hangar use to aviation related pursuits is successful.

    I see no problem with a car parked under a wing or locked up in the hangar while the airplane is out being used but storing all those cars, some for over 20 years really does have an unnecessary negative effect on those starving for good hangar space.


    235 cid 6 with 140 hp , wow some 350's only had 150 … interesting


    Loosen your belt, old boy!


    I love that blue ford color. to many high performance cars in red. I love old 40s and 50s pickups, that mercury would be beautiful
    fully restored.

    L Mar

    Love your 'job".
    Sad some of us cant have the same.
    Burning w/envy.

    Geoffrey De Maesschalck

    A Boss 302 with a Deluxe Interior, that is quite rare !

    Anas Takiyudin

    it's basically a Chevy El Camino with the roof for the back.


    But more about that….next week!

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