Tuesday, March 21, 2023

RARE Racing Harnesses for S13!

Main RARE Racing Harnesses for S13!

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    Two vlogs in a row?! WHO AM I?! JK lol. Today we install @nightrunnerinternational x willans racing harnesses for the S13. It’s always a good time with the …


    Lot of u OG subcribers knows tht luke was also an subscriber ,after working on randy’s car he became the member of illiminate💯


    I just looked it up and it said that the train struck a person and that’s why people were getting off the train

    David Avila

    broooo heard about the tj outro i had to watch!!!


    im going to become the best shinobi one day BELIVE IT !

    Frederick San

    Wat sup broski..love ya vlog and ya rides..all fresh whip and ya funny asf😂😂😂😂..i seen dis and it will help yall out..check out tha video bro..https://youtu.be/Ikzm_4Adz3U

    David Gee TV

    takes forever to get to general point of the video…… think i might just go watch Robbie instead

    Itzz Chino

    FINALLY!!!!! Luke gets bannered🙌

    Chad Sanchez

    The outro tho hahaha

    alvin plantilla

    Tanginamo lifestyle 👌

    Jhun Jhun Cenizal

    Wow thats Tj Hunt end of vlog


    Tj gonna be drinking Henny in his next video. LOL

    Johnnythe gamer

    I’ve been here since the roller paint days I love you randy


    “Luke’s like my Uber ride is here”

    Jason Cabrera

    That 4 door skyline needs turbskis

    Jstar Arauza

    tj outro😂😂

    Walter FJK

    Another great video Randy! You are damn good at entertaining us all! Lol Loved the ending outro! God damn I miss that outro song TJ always used. It's so legendary and him wish he would go back using it always.

    Burrd Cinema

    any yall want to give me a set of wheels & tires for like 500$ :)))

    Ocho Oyta


    Kimmy Zamudo

    u tripped me out with the ending LMAO 😂

    rene javier


    Deahvo Cho

    Andrew just need to real car now, 100

    Brandon Gooding

    Randy really gonna do a TJ ending LMAO


    It’s good to be inspired but dont be like others, do your own similar thing 🤷‍♂️ (just saying)

    The Llanesfamily

    The s13 has way too much going on as far as body

    Metro Spoolin

    Yall should make a phat rear windshield banner

Viewing 26 posts - 1 through 26 (of 26 total)
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