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Rat Rod Mini Bike Budget Build! | Vintage Briggs meets Chopper!

Main Rat Rod Mini Bike Budget Build! | Vintage Briggs meets Chopper!

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    Ike bought a chopper mini bike frame from the mid 1970s for $20 while buying another car! Today we pair the mini bike chassis with a $20 yard sale Briggs and …

    Bullet Bikes _

    Does anybody here know much about these Briggs flatheads, such as the last year they were made and the model years to look out for, on my local market I found a 3 horse 127cc that look to be from the early to mid 80s for 65$ does anybody know if it’s a good buy? Thanks to anybody that can provide info

    Paul C. Reilly

    Only you guys find $20 frames that are rollers. And $20 motors. $150 puglys and 3 Coleman mini bikes complete for $450. I am a deal finding master and I don't find those deals.


    Put a taller back tire on it.


    Go to Amazon snag you a cheapo springer seat for it.


    You ought the turn the exhaust up and put a tractor flapper on it.

    Zoron Stillwater

    Had one as a kid in the 70's got it at sears for $110 I been a Briggs builder since I was a kid, just got an 90's variable HP (3 -10) 206 cc industrial. it has a quick change governor (still have to open the case but no clips just slides out) and with the gov. removed it's 10 hp bullet rod and piston bore is 4.10 in (bigger then a stock 350 ci) and runs up to 8k rpm Going to add NOS this summer, yea it's on a go kart and had it up to 70mph but we need a rack and pinion steering real bad. Wish you all a very happy 2020, briggs parts here:

    The Mowrons

    Do a race cam on the budget but welding on the cam lobe. I saw this on another episode and I think it would be cool on this thing.


    would you ever be up to a build like this just dont use car tires use ones meant for a bike when they turn yes lots of build your own parts but that the fun part in know you don't have a good lath to turn your own parts but i guess that's where it will be fine just for testing purposes and see how it goes

    Irving Cobian

    love these old school briggs engines! this makes me want to rebuild my Deathtrap! a stripped down 50cc scooter with a briggs, turned into a trike with a Toro lawnmower rear end and no seat, it was fun haha

    Casey Phalen

    You need a sisssy bar

    Hayes Speedshop

    Cat Duster, you stole it for $20 lol.

    james lewis

    Man you got to put a sissy bar on it..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    I'll double your money, $80, final offer!! πŸ˜‚

    Mike Barrett

    Put a sissy bar on that thing!

    John Stutz

    Needs a sissy bar

    Colton _879_

    What happens to the diesel go kart


    So sick!

    Timothy Milam

    Yes definitely a sissy bar, kids nowadays don't know what was cool for back then. We probably shouldn't tell them about adding pegs to front axle either, are using black pipe threaded into exhaust. Then adding a pipe reducer to increase exhaust up to next size to make it pop.
    Nah, they'll probably fall off, and burn themselves, and get their pants leg hung up in chain too if we did. lol Plus tell their moms on us if we did, then their dads be at our houses wanting our folks to pay for their ripped jeans too I bet


    Don't change the seat .. Add a sissy bar .. It would rock that retro look

    billy bunta

    I had one of these motors u can get rid of the points and use the coil of a lawn mower and run it with out points

    Dave Concannon

    I can’t wait to do this to my bonanza

    James B

    Add a sissy bar!

    Josh Fry

    Traded the van for it, can get 70 miles to the gallon with this hog! We going to Aspen?

    Joel Leaver

    Awesome awesome awesome video back to Rat Rods back to old-school stuff I like that and I like your kind of rock bluesy background music also. great job guys keep it up

    Richard R

    is this the new shop?

    Nathaniel Litaker

    I have a wrench set that makes taking off/putting on that older style starter off a breeze.

    Julie Waite

    You need to bend handle bars forward .


    There should be some brackets for the back of the seat that connects the seat to the frame, i had one like that but dont have a photo of it tp show you. Cool video mate brings me baack to my childhood.
    Have a great day

    JR GEE


    Keith Heiskell

    Always put a bologna cut in the exhaust pipe man


    Put a vintage bicycle seat on it. It will look like a little bobber then πŸ˜€

    Jay Johnson

    Y'all gonna be in Oregon or the west coast sometime this year?

    Wolf Rose

    The Cat Duster had a tall, padded sissy-bar πŸ’πŸΎβ€β™‚οΈ on the back. Thats all thats missing



    Brandon Morgan

    Build a sissy bar to keep your butt on the seat

    The Bassman
    SP0tLess Games 989

    Why isn't your name go karts and cameras


    It would be awesome if you guys found a way to test how much horsepower these old / new built engines end up making

    Sir Jhonson

    Put a megaphone on the end of that pipe. A old tin funnel .

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