Saturday, March 25, 2023

Rauh Welt Porsche 911: The Untold Story of Scotto's Dream Car

Main Rauh Welt Porsche 911: The Untold Story of Scotto's Dream Car

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    Coming up as a hardcore Volkswagen kid, Brian Scotto’s dream car was a natural evolution of German car head: a Porsche 911 turbo. So instead of buying …

    Daniel J

    Would be nice to see this format continue in the future, maybe a mini series with other hoonigan employees


    Donut bumber to bumber


    Does it run?


    WE'RE GOING BUMPER TO BUM-, you said wrong show? Oh ok

    paul medero

    The duds arm span is Probly the wheelbase of that Porsche

    paul medero

    Sorry but white and red look like shit tougther.

    paul medero

    Holly shit the dud looks bigger then the car. Lol.


    One of my favorite RWB builds. ❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

    Steve H

    Can you guys do a long interview with Mark Arcenal? Would love to hear what he’s been up to


    R.I.P Mark 🙏

    Elijah Sauruz

    So… We have here… the first og HOONIGAN

    Salem Jungwirth

    Pop the hood, pops trunk


    This car is so clean in person, seen it parked a couple times when walking past bbi

    Subaru Gerbil

    I would subscribe to a hoonigan magazine so fast…

    Frank Rebelo

    Yussss! This reminds me of the old “A Beer With” series.


    What would it take to get one of those stickers?

    Jeffrey Cecil

    hmmm….doesnt VW own lambo too…..?

    Donovan Griffiths

    Have you farted in it, what a dumb left field question?????

    James Ly

    How can you help us build our cars!!!

    Phil Dapain

    Brian…for God’s sake. Fix that roof lining.

    Joel Cotton

    Rhino line that roof and be done

    Zachariah Willburn

    This was great. SUper down to earth, and humbling attitude, which is needed for the broke ass carcaine viewers

    Metal Mania 3D & The Diecast Workshop

    Nice ride gr8 job mate, now to make a hotwheels/matchbox model the same cheers KC Tasmania


    Origin story of the Twerkstallion, including all previous iterations!

    Car is a legendary machine in the grassroots American drift scene. 🙂


    Does it run?

    Semba Timothy Nkalamo

    Hanging around with Nakai smoking cigs and drinking Stella while he builds you a badass RWB Porsche.. I'd be ready to die a happy man after that lol

    Matt Macabre

    Best description of old 911 power delivery. That is a sexy beast!!!

    Bas d. H.

    Scotto, SHUT UPPP, please. 😛


    Finish the discovery

    Michael Adams

    Anyone who has watched there first video knows about this thing love it

    Bjørn in Gulf City

    Still would look better in blood red


    Finally a review a story damnit!!!

    Hap Ticz

    How has the 911 not been in a gymk?

    Misfit D Prodigy

    I love trying to locate both cameramen in all the videos through the shots.

    Joe Walters Media

    This is just a donut bumper to bumper and up to speed video rolled into one

    Spencer Speer

    If Scotto was a kid right now he’d be the kid who puts just a burble tune on his car


    “It’s always about the decel pop”

    -Brian Scotto, 2020


    Y’all keep delivering on great content on every channel. How do I get a job working for Hoonigan that’s my dream right now.

    Shawn Paradox

    Loved this video
    The car is amazing to look at it and the fact that it's tuned is even better
    Rwb has always drawn my eye from I saw images of "natty dread"
    I prefer the 964 rwb over the 993's
    I had ocd looking at the roof but I'm glad you answer the question

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