Thursday, March 23, 2023

RAW Engine & Turbo Sounds // 400HP Miata in the Mountains [Craft & Motion Edit]

Main RAW Engine & Turbo Sounds // 400HP Miata in the Mountains [Craft & Motion Edit]

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    This one goes out to all my peeps that have to put their car away for the winter πŸ™‚ Some great raw footage from the Craft & Motion mountain run video, BEST WITH …

    Roberto Paolucci

    Ary Vatanen peaks peak tribute video!!🀩 n.1


    ʜᴏᴑ α΄„α΄€Ι΄ α΄˜α΄‡α΄α΄˜ΚŸα΄‡ α΄…ΙͺꜱʟΙͺᴋᴇ α΄›ΚœΙͺꜱ? 🀯 πŸ††πŸ†ƒπŸ…΅

    Couv Boiz

    You never once said β€œ over β€œ on the talkie


    aaah why was the shot in the mist cut out, that would be the money!

    Daniel Ibrahim

    I love the epic turbo noises but the V8 induction noises from the chase car is also arousing.

    Feral Ghoulash

    I am in love with this car! Can’t wait until my miata is tearing up some southern streets with help from Creigheg!

    Dominic Brazendale

    The PewDiePie shift knob!!! I love it and want one!

    david ervin

    0:49 pauses to play intial d music over the video


    Thoroughly can’t wait to get my suspension done on my miata so I can boost it. You car looks like an absolute blast.


    Greg's Miata yeeting in the mountains? Yissss


    What road is this? for my geography class >.>

    Kaleb Joseph

    So close too 100k my man. Been here for the long journey. You definitely deserve at least 600k with your quality. ✌
    Edit: someday the algorithm will be in your favor so just keep it up!


    LOVE the outro!

    colin g

    Qureg do you ever drop the top anymore? If I remember correct you have the kit to mount the hardtop semi-permanently but you should drop top for a canyon cruise soon!

    colin g

    haha nice nod to the smoking tire with that camera perspective animation

    Erik Romero


    Dilum Wimalaratna

    Can you pop bro?! Yep sure can!

    Mr. Miati

    All I can say is GOALS!!!!!!

    J P


    benjamin samudio



    Thanks Greg.

    Moon Quake


    scot miller

    Creeping up on 100000 subscribers!

    Robert Sample

    You know this was filmed forever ago because of Ye Ol' PewtiePie shift knob

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