Tuesday, March 21, 2023

RB25DET First Drive! (Success or Fail?)

Main RB25DET First Drive! (Success or Fail?)

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    Trouble shooting some more issues with the RB25. Will we go on our first drive? FIND OUT IN TODAYS EPISODE OF DRAGON THESE NUTS ON YOUR CHIN!

    Chris Carrillo

    Come to la ):

    Imer Huerta

    Rannndyyyy!!!! I love you!!!!❤❤❤

    Daniel Cortez

    That truck nice 👌💦


    I removed my crash bar completely because intercooler was too wide, I like how yours came out randy


    Y'all better give Lakey Inspired proper creds at 0:40

    – the process, such a dope song.

    Modified Acura Family

    Your show is on my Birthday

    AquaNick_TheFishMan !

    Soooooo what’s up with this giveaway that ended in June ????

    Ryan Dunn

    That spoool 😍👌


    0:50 he looks like he is shitting sparks

    Hector Najera

    Do you pronounce it illiminate or illiminate?


    Dam if u were in aus def could hook u up

    Forgotten Gaming

    Don't worry Randy I'll just come over to San Jose to see all the cars in person.

    Kyle Pascual

    Already know the car but I’ll just keep it to myself 😊

    Knoxce Tipoki

    It's a r33 hahaha

    Adem Reshitovski

    is it just me or does everyone love the rb sound?

    West Labs

    Success it takes trial and error but eventually it will be great .

    Alex Glenn

    Sonny's got Washington plates

    Lowrenzo SC

    That's tuff my summer over now hut either way i can't go 😂

    GucciTsunami 3.0

    I’m going to the 3FAUTOSHOW, I wish I could taking my car but sadly I can’t. 😔

    Hate onn It

    Seen notifications from illiminate never have I left porn hub so fast …

    Edgar Cabada

    Hey Randy! I sent you a DM to your Twitter about when you come to El Paso and the places to go!

    Bruh Bekoo

    It’s a RX7


    This feels like a old video with that button up on

    mikes garage ohio

    everyone suscribe to my channel mikes garage ohio

    BGon RN4L

    Man I need someone in the crew to get a mk4 supra😪

    RichTheRich III

    have you thought about geting a new custom bashbar????

Viewing 27 posts - 1 through 27 (of 27 total)
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