Tuesday, March 21, 2023

RB25DET Skyline's First Start! (INSANE TURBO FLUTTER)

Main RB25DET Skyline's First Start! (INSANE TURBO FLUTTER)

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    The RB25DET lives!!! Want to give a huge shout out to everyone that lended a hand. Definitely made the whole thing much more enjoyable! Glad I got a better …

    Jovarne Pedro

    I CAN NEVER PLAY A VIDEO while connected to the speakers or just play it loud off my phone!!!!!!… My parents think I'm watching porn😑.



    I actually have to keep turning the vids up and down because I can’t have the sex noises blaring out of the speakers 😂


    I waited impatiently for this video ….😂🤣vell done guys really enoy yourlls videos💪

    ZiCrow No

    7:27 my mom was besides me😂😂

    HumbertoLife 32

    Like from the future? Boy guessed the right day?

    Barra Nation

    Need the 25det big box!

    Valdemar Lopez

    When Randy was putting the drive shaft and moaning. And my mom walked in on me and she thought I was watching porn 😂


    Put bride seats in the front and the back

    Tee S

    Luke illiminate master mechanic

    Ramon Martinez


    Elias Rogers

    Its called an engine not a motor. Look it up theres a huge difference bud


    Mobil 1…? Why…

    Moe Tha1mexikan

    It’s funny to me that I daily ride bmx bikes but I watch car videos all the time and I don’t even have a car

    Total Traxxas

    Thats a siiick turbo flutter at 1:36

    HAK 4281

    You know randy been practicing his moaning noises haha

    Breen E

    Dude that sounds insane

    Christopher allison

    Bro I'm all the way in south Africa I've Been waiting for another one all the best bro

    Marvin Rastrollo

    Lets go Illiminate!

    Brian Cisneros

    No one likes that gay shit you do, stop harrasing your homies and and just come out already




    "I don't wanna put Hennessy in my car because Hennessy is flammable so I'm gonna put gas in instead"

    Allen Deguzman

    I’m trying to watch this at work man.. this dude trying to get me fired

    Lost Disciples

    Nagasaki Choo choo spooly boi 😍

    Soldier of God Yoel Romero

    Bruh did you want another 10 dudes to assist putting the motor in lmfao

    Cats & Backwoods

    Lmao “and it’s on wensday fuck” I’m fucking dying 😂😂😂

    Weedman Smoker

    Randy I don't know what it is but your content just isn't catching my eye no more, you should get some pointers from Sonny LOL

    juanito _son

    U should have primed the oil

    Jes Mayor

    Why is that white streak behind your head still?

    Jes Mayor

    A 6.0 ls2 would’ve been better 😢🗿


    Roses are red, violets are blue, the homies drift car goes Vrooom tuu tuu tuu tuu.


    Órale wey Suena mamalon

    Ivan Cheah

    9:04 deva vu ? New member?

    Valentino Lopez

    I can’t watch someone fixing there car Bc randy always has to act gay

    timmy le

    randy you should check out the car scene in vietnam even though there's just a bunch of people riding around in scooters

    jonathan zaragosa

    12:55 randy teleported all quick 🤣🤣🤣


    Dope video!


    holly SH*T that flutter


    The old illiminate is more fun 😓

    Victor Maldonado

    That's why you keep losing subs bro!!! 😅😂😭🤣

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