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Rebuilding a R35 GT-R How Much Did It Cost?

Main Rebuilding a R35 GT-R How Much Did It Cost?

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    In today’s episode we’re looking at how much it all cost to rebuild the GTR. First 100 people Get 50% OFF your order with Trade at and …


    1 like = 2 sit-ups

    idk i’m hoping it motivates me to workout more

    Official zennacko

    Not to rain in the parade but, if you were to consider the labor and countless hours put into this build, that's easily another $10-15k, which means it's a great idea if you put in the work necessary to rebuild the car, but not so hot for the other 90%(?), myself included, who thought they could cheat the system by getting a salvaged car and turning it into a beast for half the price of a used, pristine car.


    Best BisforBuild salvage car so far imo!!

    Tony C

    So you fix up a track weapon… and you want to drive in a boring straight line? wasted…

    Nicholas Esch

    Turned out great!! Can’t wait to see it’s progression!

    David Dominguez


    jason rodriguez

    Cant wait for next build man . keep it up bro

    Mark Bennett

    I think you need a new kettle. There seemed to be water going all over the counter top when you filled the cafetière to make that fine coffee!

    Jdm and such

    Congrats on building another gorgeous car though

    Charles Dickie

    Loved this build 👌

    Jdm and such

    Duck bill looks way better than that eye sore of a wing

    David Lawrence Banks

    Cool as

    Franklin Dafranklin

    You forgot to leave the link to follow on ig


    i'm a subscriber …. i don't care about winning … i just like watching


    Never seen somebody add the manhours to the final prize, thats also worth something right

    Lee Fall

    Need to make your intro less like a After Effects template with stock audio.


    i know have know more about coffee although i dont drink coffee

    nicholas san

    Front bumper and side skirt don’t line up. The bumper is very high off the ground

    Wasim Abdalla

    March 17 is my birthday!
    I just hope i can win this ❤️

    Hadi Saiyid

    Really love the build! Can't for the next one!

    Justin Holden

    Lush Entered !!!

    Igor Prus

    Probably a older Porsche RWB

    Ricardas Vasalauskas

    GTR👌👌👍👍 don't put that home looking spoiler ✌️✌️✌️✌️

    sir jiaoichi

    1:23 i think she spilled some water lol

    Henri Lopez

    Checking what my YouTube username is lmao

    Jagdeep Sekhon

    thanks for making this video

    Richard Harvey

    Guatemalan Antigua Coffee is my favorite. Nice GTR build montage too.


    Everything is labor intensive when you diy you cut the price in half its amazing


    1:22 just a clean pour


    Are you comparing prices with cars that have not been accident damaged though?

    Tom Tom

    Aren't the gear boxes on these like £50,000? With a short life span? Scary stuff


    Trade Coffee is a pretty shit sponsor they dropped one guy because of a fake new report from a fake twitter account. Besides that great video and excited to see what coming


    Fucking love you man, no Homo

    Victor Huerta

    Awesome job bro. Look forward to more content

    Tyler Sullivan

    31500$ is a pretty good price for a custom wide body GTR. Good stuff

    Sonico_ Talons

    You did an amazing job with the build, can't wait to see you run a mustang~DYNO on this white beast of a R35 GTR, btw the huge aftermarket wing was really disturbing to look at.

    White Boy

    Damn $34k for that car isn't bad at all. Just think about it these days the average Camry goes for that much

    Erick Reyes

    Would you ever consider painting someone’s car if they drove to your shop??

    The Unknown Gamer

    La Lamborghini

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