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Replacing 9 Broken and Expensive Plastic Parts on the R32

Main Replacing 9 Broken and Expensive Plastic Parts on the R32

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    Today on the R32 we replace a bunch of broken interior trim. Must of the plastic on the R32 has not aged well. We will replace: Center console, radio bezel, …


    If you are looking for the PN of all this… Here ya go:
    Sunroof Boot ~ 8D0-877-781-B-01c
    Sunroof Boot ~ 8D0-877-782-B-01c
    Battery Box ~ 1J0-915-335-a
    Lower Column Cover ~ 1J0-858-559-D-1QA
    Upper Column Cover ~ 1J0-858-565-f-2AQ
    Ign switch Housing ~ 8D0-971-975
    Window Switch ~ 1J3-959-857-B
    Gas Pad ~ 1J1-721-647-A-B41
    Brake Cap ~ 1J0-721-173-D-B41
    Clutch Cap ~ 1J0-721-174-B-B41
    Left lower Trim ~ 1J1-858-365-F-2QL
    Right lower Trim ~ 1J1-858-366-A-2QL
    Air Vent ~ 1J1-819-703-E-2AQ
    Bezel Trim ~ 1J1-858-069-G-01C
    Center Console ~ 1J1-863-201-L-2QL
    Wire ~ 000-979-227-E


    My mk4 GLI is rejoicing over this video. I have needed the center console since I bought mine last year lol. Awesome video Charles

    Anshuman Vajpeyi

    What are the best oil filters make, used for skoda yeti 2.0 4×4

    Joel B

    What? No cup holder on the US spec R32 ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    Alex Morais

    Makes me not wanna take my dash apart in my r32 this upcoming winter to re seal my blend doors because all the foam keeps coming out! Iโ€™m afraid all plastic will break because it was a Florida car!

    Clayton S

    Can you do a video how can i restore my center console?, Its not longer available for Europe (discontinued) i cant order new one, and its very ugly at this moment due to soft touch peels off ๐Ÿ™„

    Daniel Pizano

    @13:51 RIP๐Ÿ˜ช


    FIRST first thing was disconnecting the battery. If you don't do that before disconnecting the seat harnesses you get an airbag CEL that you have to have VCDS to clear…


    Watching this is giving me flashbacks of replacing the Heater core In the Mk4 I used to have.. Wasn't too bad for a heater core especially but it was still a pain..
    And man, These plastics in the Mk4's just cough up blood and fall apart all the time don't they? Haha. Least its mostly cosmetic

    Alex Lopez

    Bought a Jetta few years ago. Soon as it hit 100k miles, the "plastic parts" started to break and the engine started to consume oil. Starting to think I've made a dire mistake.


    A high quality tint will go a long way to protect the new plastics.

    M Mill

    What size belt do I need if I bypass the power steering pump on a 2000 Jetta VR6

    Andrew Heisey

    Please add me to your right-of-first-refusal buyer list (seriously). Keep up the good work!

    David Ntervisai

    I just appreciate that someone tries to restore such a nice car . It is a privilege that I have subscribed to your channel. I wish you the best Charles.

    Des Fullerton

    You could replace the secret storage compartment for a pop out cup holder


    If you do fix up the old parts definitely make a video on it


    Looking forward to the illuminated vents mod that should have come standard lol


    Damn I was just at pullapart. If I knew you needed that I would've pulled it from the mk4 I grabbed the taillight from. ๐Ÿคฃ


    Excellent work sir, it's tough to maintain replace some of these parts when your not the first owner.

    That said $1000 for trim parts like that? Yeah no thanks I'll go to a local pick, 3rd party supplier and or maybe fabricate some panels with a 3D printer or out of some
    aluminum sheet metal. lol

    Gplus sucks big

    Very nice work. A minor thing: the bolt retainer clips are like 20 cents each and I have seen many people especially mechanics struggle with broken ones trying to make the bolt stay in place, put glue etc. REPLACE THEM PEOPLE. This also solves rattle problems.
    Also, how you solve creaky front seats in "spirited driving"? I know it's the big springs at the bottom of the seat but how you fix them?

    Mike Vee 123

    Funny you mentioned the rattling ashtray driving you bonkers. Same issue with me and my Mk1. Mine bothered me so much I yanked it and built a cover plate to cover the hole in the dash, then added some gauges and electrical switches to it. Definitely more usable then just the previous rattle trap.

    The R32 is looking great! Betcha the all the new pieces make it feel less like a beater, and more like the econo-supercar it is.

    Always enjoy your content – keep it coming!

    Uno Nisu

    no armrest and .:R pedals?
    in my mk5 R32 these are standard…


    Great vid as always Charles! ๐ŸŽˆ
    Love the super secret compartment! What's it big enough to for? It's a pop out cup holder on my euro spec one, as the US one has cup holders in the centre console I'm guessing

    Oscar torres

    Where can I find these trims I have a mk4 Jetta and wanna change out my tan trim

    gavin Hh

    yes r32 content, thank you charles

    Daniel Figueira

    Really expensive plastic trim, but well worth it. Good job!

    Roger Onslow

    I suppose I shouldn't complain that my Audi cupholder and flip up door broke. The cheap crap plastics sell for a crazy price from Audi.
    I have a 25 year old Nissan 200sx which only ever had a rear view mirror break. Sick of plastic shit these days.


    Love your videos! Used a few of them to help with installs on my personal 04 R32. Please do a video on the install of the illuminated vents!

    savvas alexandridis

    Charles why didnt you replace the storage compartment above the radio with the cup holders?

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